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2 min readJun 12, 2018


Heroes Within is now available on MGPL App. Get the app free on Google PlayStore.

Heroes Within is the latest game in the MGPL App after successful runs of Rock It and Candy Bust. Unlike the first 2 games, Heroes Within is an action game, an ultimate Carnage to be frank.

The game is super easy to play and so, it’s guaranteed to offer fun however you play. Moreover, it rewards the top 1000 players with cash prizes. If you are new to MGPL App, get the top ranking arcade gaming platform from the Google PlayStore.

How to Play Heroes Within Game?

While playing Heroes Within, you need to move your fingers as fast as you are playing a musical instrument (of Death). The main characters in the game are a bunch of skeletons coming from all directions to kill you, our protagonist Prince Pentawer.

The game begins with a swipe of your finger on the direction of the first walking skeleton. Make sure you have a keen eye on every enemy approaching the prince. One wrong move can cost our Prince’s life and will ignite the party mode for skeletons.

Where’s the Advantage for our Prince?

Prince Pentawer is skilled and has the power to even smash everyone at once. But he can’t do everything on his own, right? Not making a move for 2 seconds will kill him instantly and so, our Prince needs your alertness to keep him going.

Once Pentawer gets in his rhythm, there is no stopping him. The quick timed moves will be counted as a combo and will generate enough Carnage power to kill everyone on his way, be it right, left or forward. While playing look out for the progress bar above the timer to get an idea on how many skeletons smashes are required and how fast you need to play to ignite the Carnage Power-Up. So, there’s the advantage. Kill everyone on time and unleash the Carnage mode.

The number of kills and carnage power-up generated will decide your score at the end of your game, be it complete 3 minutes or when your hero is killed.

A good strategy is to start slowly, get used to the moves, and speed up your game gradually when your first Carnage Power-Up is generated. Once you are used to the punching moves, scoring in Heroes Within is a five-finger exercise.

Points to Remember before you Start Playing

>Each game will run for 3 minutes

>Begin your game by swiping to the direction the skeletons are coming from.

> Don’t wait too long. 2-second delay can kill our Prince.

> Play fast, kill more and ignite the Carnage Power-Up.

> The more you kill and the more you survive, the higher will be your score.

So, have fun smashing those puny sticks!



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