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2 min readSep 15, 2018


We operate the online games of skill and take a small amount as a commission as financial recompense for arranging the games, technology, and match-making the users. Operating with this business model, the integrity of the game is paramount to our success. In fact, we maintain teams of game integrity experts to ensure no player could ever gain an advantage through anything but their own skill and ability.

We rely on our hard-won, independently verified reputation for providing a fair and honest game. For this reason, allowing players any sort of unfair advantage, or ‘punishing’ any players with an unfair disadvantage, would be counterproductive and damaging to our reputation and our business.

Keeping Player Funds Safe and Separate

All player funds and account balances are never used for operational expenses.

This arrangement ensures that we can at all times fulfill our monetary obligations toward our online users, and provides further reassurance that player funds are always secure with us.

Responsible Gaming

We have a commitment to ensure that online gaming remains fun and safe. That means preventing people from playing cash games if they are underage. As a responsible gaming service provider, we have implemented various precautionary measures:

  • Prohibition on players who are less than 18 years to play real money games
  • 24/7 monitoring of games for detection of fraudulent behavior
  • Active anti-collusion implementation during every game.
  • Protection of player’s information using high-level encryption security software
  • Flexible features to limit players’ online cash deposits and withdrawal amount
  • A pre-defined limit for maximum cash deposits to discourage gaming obsession

7 Tips on Responsible Gaming

  1. Strike a balance in your daily life to check any form of addiction to mobile gaming.
  2. Never prioritize gaming over other activities that impact your daily life
  3. Keep a track of the total time you spend while playing games
  4. Set a limit for loss in real money games and stick yourself to it consistently
  5. Always play with a positive mindset and avoid playing in a distressed mood
  6. Never play to chase losses and stop playing it if you are in a losing spree
  7. In case you find a fraudulent activity, report it to the MGPL support team.

Account SMS Validation

Validating your Account using SMS/Call offers increased security for your account. We are using Facebook Account Kit for login. This is to ensure that the highest level of security is employed for your login account information.



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