Gamebots 2.0 with Payments in Messenger

Gamebots is proud to release Gamebots 2.0 with Messenger Payments exclusively on Facebook (US Only).

Buy or Win an CSGO “AK Frontside Misty”

Gamebots 2.0 is the first shopbot on Facebook Messenger that allows users to purchase high demand virtual items up to 50% off. Users can also win virtual items by playing Gamebots’ no deposit Flip Coin. Flip Coin is a highly addictive feature that allows anyone to win virtual in-game items with no risk involved.

Over 5,000 virtual items have been traded from Gamebots to players in January 2017 alone.

Gamebots 2.0 native payments has end-to-end encryption backed by Stripe. The key thing for our users was creating a safe place to purchase and win items with no risk. The virtual item market can be dark at times and the Gamebots shopbot is one the safest alternatives for purchasing and winning virtual items online. The first hundred buyers will be rewarded extra virtual skins for being the first to test Facebook Messenger’s native payment checkout.