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Jon Young
Jon Young
Aug 17 · 2 min read
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Gamecaster, the easiest way to start streaming

Hello! 👀 We’re Gamecaster, a live streaming app that simplifies how you go live to Twitch, YouTube and Facebook. Gamecaster has been built from the ground up to strip away all the complexity, baking in alerts, overlays, chat, automatic settings and everything else in-between. We’ve been running in open beta for the past few months, and we’re truly humbled by the feedback and response we’ve had!

That’s why today, we’re proud to announce that we are committing to keeping Gamecaster completely free forever!

When we launched the Founder’s License, we weren’t quite sure what the future would hold. We knew we wanted to move away from our traditional licensing model with XSplit, but we didn’t know if that would be possible — after all, we all have families to feed and bills to pay. We also knew restricting features behind a paywall would create friction, and limit both our own and the industry’s growth. That’s why it’s with great honor we can now commit to the word “free” in its true form for Gamecaster. No feature restrictions, no paywalls, not now or ever.

With the support of our colleagues at XSplit and our partners in the gaming industry, we will be giving you even more tools and opportunities to grow your audience and to monetize your hobby through affiliate programs, promotional programs, tools and more — and we will earn our living from our industry partners by helping you to grow, and thereby growing the industry as a whole.

This also means that as of today the Founder’s License is no more. We are eternally grateful for the help and feedback from everyone that has been a part of the open beta so far, and who has helped us improve Gamecaster along the way. We want to find other ways to show our appreciation — and we will continually be working with the community to constantly make Gamecaster even better together.

Since launching into open beta, we’ve seen some impressive results with more people than ever getting successfully started with streaming when using Gamecaster. And that’s just the beginning. The team is working hard as we speak to make Gamecaster not just the best and easiest app for live streaming your games, but also to give you the best opportunities for getting your stream discovered and to earn money whilst pursuing your passion.

Stay tuned for more announcements over the coming weeks and months as we continue on our journey to officially launch Gamecaster out of open beta in October 2020.


Go live to Twitch, Facebook, or YouTube in just seconds.

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