Let’s talk about the Legacy of Roger Ailes

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about who Ailes was.

As a millennial from a liberal state, I was never a fan of Fox News nor exposed to it (thankfully). However, I’ve come to know Roger, quite well actually, through all of the exciting news coming from him since last year.

Although I don’t watch Fox, the people around me do. The parents of one friend are avid fans so I would always hear and see Fox every time I visited. As a woke Asian-American woman, I pick up on all the racist, sexist, angry, and bitter undertones in the anchors’ behavior which was deeply embedded in the content.

And boy was there a lot of it!

Case in point:

The fact that this offensive video is still proudly displayed on Fox News is indicative the seriousness of this “news” organization.

Not only do they create these segments of sexist and racist ridicule, they then unabashedly display these videos with no sincere apology, despite all the anger videos like this invoked.

At all times, Fox News’s view subtlety hints that the “white” version of America is the right version everyone should aspire to assimilate into.

The parents of said friend were consumed by paranoia, depression, judgment, and criticism of others behind closed doors. So much so that my friend has continually been emotionally scarred by her parents who don’t listen to any positive messages and complain all the time about the government, society, and the way life has been going for them despite that fact that they live in a beautiful mansion in a wealthy suburb.

Goes without saying, her whole family voted for Trump.

Not only does Fox News propagate the most untrue, biased, and negative viewpoints life has to offer, ensnaring their poor victims into misery, self-doubt, and hatred, Ailes was reported time and time again to encourage a culture of sexual harassment. His example led to Bill O’Reilly and Co. to also feel comfortable being outright sexist and disrespectful of women at work, on camera, and god knows where else.

Of course, birds of a feather, all of Ailes’s allies, stuck up for his “legacy” today.

As someone who has personally escaped the negativity his actions have caused the world, I’m still subject to meeting and dealing with people who are unluckily stuck in that world.

To Bill O’Reilly who said Ailes died of hatred, he’s absolutely right.

Ailes created a culture of hate in the US and, as the rules of karma dictate, that hatred came back to bite him in the ass.

I’m glad this old guard of racist, sexist, domineering leadership is finally being exposed for who they are. Their pursuit of profit above truth and morality makes them the worst example of what capitalism and greed can do for people. They ruin the reputation of other moral businessmen and women who do the right thing.

Hopefully, this will be a wake-up call for the rest of our society and industries continually dogged by sexual harassment and hateful rhetoric.

#its2017 and we’re going to take a stance against abuse of power.

Thank you, Ailes, for being a great example of what type of legacy nobody halfway decent wants to have.