GameCredits and MobileGo Development Report: July 3rd

Hello everyone and welcome to today’s GameCredits and MobileGo development report. In this update we cover several topics including the latest GPlay developments. As always, thank you for your continued support, and be sure to let us know if you have any questions.

  • A couple bugs were encountered when testing GC Lite (a soon to launch lite wallet for storing GAME). The bugs were tied to GC Lite’s dependency on the GameCredits block explorer. The team is debugging the application over the next week, and will push it to a closed set of testers after bug fixes are completed.
  • We continued development on the user services part of GNation product infrastructure. So far user profiles are being tested by the QA team.
  • An updated version of Pixel Wars has been pushed into testing. In the update users can participate in a variety of in-game tournaments. For those that are unfamiliar with Pixel Wars, the game is a mobile mmorpg that includes advanced leveling, upgradable weapons, dozens of unique maps/levels, dungeons, guilds, PvP, PvE, and more.
  • For the last 2 weeks development of our new backend core services has been in focus. These core services control user accounts, payment transfers, account balances, and more. A completed version is estimated to be completed in September of 2018.
  • GShare donation features are in the final phases of bug testing to allow users to allocate a desired portion of funds to charity.
  • We completed new notification animations/designs to alert users to new esports events, application updates, and game updates for GPlay.
Initial screenshots for newest GPlay version

In this development report we want to talk about some of the most recent GPlay developments. Approximately a week and a half ago we released some of the first GPlay screenshots to our community. As you can see from one of those photos above, GPlay has seen significant design changes since the last green/white design. Instead, the team is focused on a dark blue theme, which is intended to appeal more closely to avid gamers. In addition, closed beta testing of GPlay’s esports leaderboard feature has been underway for the past week and a half. The feature works by offering scheduled events where gamers can enter and win MGO tokens by having a high rank in a GPlay game by the end of a tournament.

Pixel Wars event ranking

So far team members testing the app have been able to successfully play Pixel Wars on their mobile phone and win MGO. In total five twenty-four hour tournaments were run over the course of an entire week. Using this feature, our team hopes to keep users engaged with the GPlay app long after they download their desired game. You can see additional screenshots of the tournament laddering feature on imgur.

  • GameCredits Facebook page was promoted to send users to our FanDuel tournaments. So far over 1.2M people have been reached.
  • GameCredits Twitter has experienced an increase in activity with 14M tweet impressions and 33K profile visits this month.
  • We successfully launched three social media campaigns (two on Twitter, and one on Facebook), which helped us get some of the above results.
  • As some of you know, we haven’t sent many newsletters recently. Our previous newsletter provider was causing issues, so we switched over to a new provider last week and sent the first email regarding GDPR.
  • In collaboration with GameCredits, Fanduel has had over 600,000 entries for their 2018 FIFA World Cup Fantasy Sports tournaments! So far over 1,000 people have won a mixture of GAME and cash prizes during the events. The tournaments are still open to U.S. and Canadian citizens until July 15th, and tens of thousands of dollars worth of $GAME can still be won. Sign up on FanDuel’s website.
  • Web wallet users: ~26K
  • GShare downloads: ~8.5k
  • Discord members: 4.2K
  • GameCredits Telegram subscribers: 700
  • Twitter followers: 32.5K
  • Facebook likes: 5.9K
  • GAME network hashrate: ~1,480 GH/s
  • As explained in greater detail above, MobileGo payments have been successfully distributed through closed beta tests in GPlay.
  • The MGO swap platform is nearing completion with our front end team closing in on implementing the applications UI. We expect the application to be pushed into QA testing within a week and a half. After testing the application can be pushed for public user.
  • MGO is being implemented into GPlay’s payment processor to allow users to use esports earnings to gain further rewards in the app.

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