GameCredits and MobileGo Development Report: June 19th

Hello everyone and welcome to today’s GameCredits and MobileGo development report. In this update we cover a number of important developments, including GNation’s presence at E3. As always, thank you for your continued support, and be sure to let us know if you have any questions regarding this update.

  • The team continued work finalizing the GC Lite wallet. The applications backend and frontend is fully connected, and the application is in undergoing internal bug testing. Within approximately 10 days, our team expects to release the application for closed beta community testing. This will include only a handful of community members to start, but will be opened up to more people after sufficient testing.
  • Our blockchain client team has been working to update all miners to the latest network version of 0.15.2. As of right now, less than 51% of miners have updated, so our team is providing temporary hashpower to updated pools to offer stability. Until these miners have all updated, forks of the network are possible and we’ll be actively watching to mitigate potential problems.
  • We successfully launched GameCredits FIFA 2018 FanDuel tournaments. Throughout the length of the World Cup users are able to earn 135,000 dollars worth of prizes, including 100,000 dollars worth of GAME.
  • We finalized the GShare donation feature, to allow users to donate a desired portion of their earnings to charity. The feature is estimated to be released publicly in one of the next couple GShare updates.
  • Our design team has begun using new isometric design styles for GameCredits social media posts and branding. You can see examples of these designs on Twitter.

GNation’s Presence at E3

GNation’s booth at E3

From June 12th to June 14th GNation attended E3 in Los Angeles. For those of you that don’t know, E3 is a one of the largest gaming conferences in the world. GNation had been preparing a presence at E3 for several months. The focus of GNation’s presence at E3 was to make connections with developers and gaming industry companies, explain GShare/GPlay, and get feedback on GNation USPs (unique selling propositions).

While at the conference, GNation met with a number of gaming industry organizations. One of these companies was ESL, the largest dedicated esports organization in the world. GNation is interested in ESL to help grow the mobile esports industry via GPlay’s esports features. As some of you know, GNation has sponsored ESL events in the past, and the team will continue to strengthen relations with the organization. In addition, GNation met with the popular gaming industry payment facilitator known as Xsolla. Access to easy and diverse payments is important for products like GShare and GPlay, and E3 was a good opportunity to check in with GNation’s payment partner.

Game developers being explained GPlay esports features at E3

As stated earlier, the main focus of E3 was to explain GShare and GPlay and gather feedback from developers. The two most important features to developers were determined to be the ability to increase revenue per gamer via GShare and increase revenue/user engagement through esports features via GPlay. To developers, any gamer spending 5 dollars more a month is a substantial increase. By creating a seamless connection between earnings made in GShare with GPlay, even mobile game developers can incentivize users to earn extra monthly funds and spend more inside their games. Another major benefit for developers is the ability to increase engagement in casual mobile games (games that don’t feature player vs player competitions). With GPlay, casual game developers can offer esports wagering and paid leaderboards to players. At E3 we demonstrated how offering extra competitive features incentivizes players to spend more and play longer in traditionally casual games.

Pairing the benefits of GShare and GPlay with lower developer revenue fees of 5–10% (compared to the industry standard fee of 30%), developers were interested in trying out the GNation ecosystem. We will be working with some of the developers throughout this summer to help them integrate our SDK (software development kit) which will allow them to use GPlay.

  • We successfully launched Twitter and Facebook ads promoting GameCredits FanDuel tournaments and the Komodo integration. So far the ads have generated hundreds of thousands of impressions across Twitter and Facebook.
  • Our team worked to publish a Cointelegraph article on GameCredits collaboration with FanDuel. So far the article has had approximately 10,000 readers, and has been shared across Telegram and Twitter reach tens of thousands of more people.
  • We worked with the Komodo team to help spread GameCredits integration throughout the cryptocurrency community. GameCredits has been established as one of the first POW blockchain projects to implement security measures against 51% attacks.
  • Web wallet users: ~25.9K
  • GShare downloads: ~8.4K
  • Discord members: 4.2K
  • GameCredits Telegram subscribers: 688
  • Twitter followers: 32.5K
  • Facebook likes: 5.9K
  • GAME network hashrate: ~1,780 GH/s
Screenshot of MGO successfully integrated into the GWallet
  • Successfully integrated and deployed MGO into the GWallet (GameCredits web wallet). With this integration users can now securely store Ethereum based MGO in the web wallet alongside GAME. This will also allow for easier payment integrate into GPlay for MGO users.
  • Developers completed MGO swap backend and are working to finalize front end development before pushing swap platform into QA for final testing.
  • Pushed initial GPlay release into internal closed beta testing. Team is testing esports leaderboard features for Pixel Wars.

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