GameCredits Foundation 10 September 2018 Update: Where are we currently standing? Is GAME dead?

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s report from The GameCredits Foundation. We’re already a month away from our first report, and with this particular one we aim to reflect on most important things that we’ve managed to do so far in GAME development, and certainly answer a couple of intriguing questions our team has received.

As you might know, GAME has recently gone through a rough period of time, which was a number one reason to establish The GameCredits Foundation once again.

From the very beginning, GCF team has decided to keep all things transparent by establishing a practice of sharing weekly reports on everything our small, but very agile and capable team has done. You can check our previous reports on ‘GameCredits’ Medium Publication anytime you’d want.

What is the biggest change since the beginning?

As we’ve mentioned in last week’s report, GCF’s main goal was to setup a secure, solid and substantial income. In the first couple of weeks, our fund balance was 0 (nothing), but we’re happy to share that we’ve succeeded in acquiring our first amount of funds. Hooray!

GCF’s current fund balance is; 165,833 GAME.

Fund transactions in new GameCredits Block Explorer

With this, we want to take a moment to reflect and appreciate a very strong community around GAME, which has continuously showed nothing but deep respect, love and honor to this open-source project.

GCF is amazed by how well people responded and understood the message our organization wanted to share. With this initial funding, we aim to finally start doing concrete action towards achieving our mutual goal of making GAME great again.

What is GCF’s next plan?

We have a few things on our plate at this moment. As far as technical development goes, we’re planning:

  • GC Lite Client — deploy it on GCF infrastructure and open-sourcing its code
  • Vault for GAME payments — deploy it on GCF infrastructure
  • API for GAME payment — for partners (such as Qlear) that can easily integrate GAME into their own applications.
  • Miner application with integrated Twitch features
  • GAME network improvements
  • Research new modules in different programming languages that will strengthen the GAME and help it in its growth (for games, websites, apps, etc.)

With marketing we aim to;

  • Start the marketing/PR activities for our partnership with Kriptomat (an easy-to-use, convenient crypto exchange)
  • Continously publish posts on our social media platforms
  • Create new marketing/cross-promotion strategies with current and coming partners (such as Qlear)
  • Update and publish new webpage for The GameCredits Foundation


  • Finalize agreements with Kriptomat and Qlear
  • Find new opportunities and partnerships for GAME

This is something definitely worth mentioning!

We’ve got a couple more good news for you, peeps!

We’re proud to announce that we’ve successfully managed to establish new GameCredits Block Explorer, and that it is finally fully synced with our blockchain. You can now check GAME network hash rate, difficulty, and latest coin transactions in real time! Woohoo!

As you could have read, we’ve also revealed another partnership that GCF has involved itself into. We’ve succeeded in listing GAME on another exchange — Kriptomat, and started doing mutual marketing activities (cross-promotion) in order for both projects to get the most out of this partnership. A separate post where we’ll cover all details about partnership is coming soon!

What can you do?

Don’t forget that we’re open for any suggestions you have! We have a specific channel in our Discord server set for your advice — ‘#community-suggestions’. 
Make sure to say hi there!


As you can see, GAME is definitely not dead. People involved in The GameCredits Foundation are working hard on rebuilding and improving this open-source project/non-profit organization and making it sustainable long terms. We’ll continue to update you on our progress, and let you know on GCF’s activities. Stay tuned!

Make sure to leave any GAME-related questions on our social media/communication platforms;



The GameCredits Foundation