Product Update: Version 0.9.4 of GShare Has Been Released!

Version 0.9.4 of GShare

We’re happy to bring you a major update of our signature PC application GShare. This update includes the release of numerous new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements. Below we’ve included a complete set of application release notes.

Release Notes:

  • Added the ability to swap between languages in the application. Be sure to test switching between Russian and English directly in GShare. New languages are on the way!
  • You can now disable the ‘prevent battery drain’ feature in the app preferences section.
  • GShare will now automatically restart CPU computing if you get non-accepted jobs.
  • After automatic log out you will now see a new screen with information about your running GShare.
  • You can now start the computation process by clicking on a game you wish to buy.
  • We’ve added new notification transitions.
  • There have also been general improvements and various bug fixes.
  • Our team restocked the store with 18 games.

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