The GameCredits Foundation October 1 2018 Update

Hello everyone and welcome to yet another report from The GameCredits Foundation.

Before we get started, we wanted to share a friendly reminder that the official GameCredits website is

Details for this reporting period

  • GameCredits 0.15.3 released! Download it here — please upgrade soon! It fixes a critical vulnerability originally found in bitcoin. Windows users… we’re working on getting a code signing certificate so bear with us in the meantime
  • We’ve redeployed our previous block explorer at — there’s still some work being done on it as part of the migration (such as fixing some broken links)
  • GC Lite code is being worked on at the moment to point to the new servers, and an update should be available soon! Keep an eye out for that!
  • We also have a not-so-secret-but-kinda-secret surprise press release coming for you guys in the very near future.

Contact us!

We’re always eager to hear back from our community! Make sure to leave any GAME-related questions on our social media/communication platforms;



The GameCredits Foundation