Week in Review — Week 7

It’s been an awesome week at the Gamedex headquarters. 🤩 We have got some exciting news to share with you. But you know which the most exciting one is? 😎

🏺The Winners of Our $1,550 GDX Prize Contest! 🏺
1st place — Alex Butler — $1000 🥇
2nd place — Adrian Rutkowski — $250 🥈
3rd place — Jack Gibbons — $150 🥉
4th place — Chukwuma Nwanko — $100🏅
5th place — Aarif Qureshi — $50🏅

Congratulations to those who won and a big thank you to everyone who participated. We’re going to do the same prize draw again next week. Don’t miss out and enter by pre-registering now and refer a friend! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

🤹🏼We Created a Relay Token with Bancor for Decentralized Liquidity🤹🏼

Bancor will power our automatic cryptocurrency conversion feature. This means you can now deposit any of the 100+ tokens available on the Bancor Network to your Gamedex account and have it converted to GDX automatically when needed. 🤘🏻

🔥Elite Blockchain Developer Joins the Team🔥

Last week, we hired another developer with blockchain expertise to help handle our smart contracts 🔗Led by our co-founder Cameron Garvie, our developers are hard at work to perfect the backend systems for decentralized games.

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