$1,000,000 GDX Airdrop LIVE Now!

Gamedex’s GDX token airdrop has officially begun!

Users are rewarded for referring friends, sharing news about Gamedex, and involving themselves in the community in other ways.

Gamedex is a Steam-like platform for blockchain-powered digital collectibles and digital collectible card games (DCCGs). With blockchain, counterfeiting is impossible, transfers are instant, limited editions are provably rare, and collectors truly own their digital collectibles.

The purpose of this airdrop is to democratize the Gamedex platform, and prevent VCs or other large investors from ever controlling too much of the total token supply.

How can I participate in the airdrop?

To participate in the airdrop, click here.

As is typical, tokens will be sent at the end of the public token sale. This post will be updated when the airdrop is finished.

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