Whitelist Registration for The Wasted Lands’ NFT Package Sale on GameFi.org is OPEN!

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3 min readDec 10, 2021

The Wasted Land is a puzzle-RPG-strategy game for players to experience unique gameplay environments. Players will immerse themselves into a post-apocalyptic world, and their core mission is to discover the secret of the biological pandemic that led to the apocalypse. Gather your warriors for the team, win the fights against others, collect pieces of evidence and explore the new world.

Each NFT warrior will have six body parts with different rarity levels: Normal — Rare — Epic — Mystic. Rarity levels of the body parts will define each warrior’s stats and special skill sets.

Find more information about The Wasted Lands via the links below:

Website | Twitter | Telegram announcement | Telegram group | Discord | Medium


🎁 Special offer

With each 0.05 BNB spent on this package sales, you will get $1.65 allocation for The Wasted Lands IDO on Infinite Launch this December.

Guide to claiming the reward allocation will be shared soon.

📦 Package details

📦 NFT utilities

  • Scarcity over time
  • Access to the game
  • Higher power, higher rewards


  • Whitelist opening: 2:00 p.m UTC, December 10
  • Whitelist closing: Noon UTC, December 12
  • Start sale: 2:00 p.m UTC, December 12
  • Buying time for whitelisters: 2:00 p.m UTC — 2:30 p.m UTC, December 12
  • Buying time for non-whitelisters: From 2:30 p.m UTC, December 12


Step 1: Apply to whitelist

  • Visit https://hub.gamefi.org/#/mystery-box/87 and Connect wallet.
  • For this pool, you have to complete Gleam tasks HERE.
  • Press “Apply Whitelist” and wait for the successful notification message.
  • Order the number of packages you would like to buy and press “Confirm.”


  • After closing the whitelist, Legend whitelisters can pre-order NFT packages. Other ranks will buy in the form of FCFS when the sale starts.
  • When the sale is open, the whitelist registration is prioritized to buy NFT packages.
  • No rank, KYC is required to join The Wasted Lands’ package sale event.

Step 2: Join INO and buy NFT packages on time.

  • Connect wallet on GameFi (if you did not apply to the Whitelist before).
  • Select the number of NFT packages you want to possess by clicking on the Amount tab.
  • Purchase boxes in the GameFi Marketplace before they are sold out.
  • Check the quantity of purchased packages in tab Collection.

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