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5 min readOct 19, 2022


When we built Gameflip, our mission has always been enabling gamers and game developers to build and transact in a safe, secure, and thriving ecosystem that benefits all participants. Having previously developed and published games, our team understood the gamers’ desire of owning and trading game items. Gamers had often resorted to visiting various forums and performed unsafe methods for trading, and quite often got scammed. Game developers and publishers, while sympathizing with gamers, had found it too challenging to both meet the needs of gamers while managing a balanced game economies, on top of keeping the game fun, engaging, and a sustainable revenue source. These challenges, we felt, can be overcome with our unique solution and technology innovations.

We began our quest by focusing on building a safe and secure marketplace for our community to transact, virtually all things digital. After years of development and innovation, our Gameflip Marketplace is now the top go-to destination for gamers, and our record shows.

  • Over $140M had been transacted through Gameflip
  • Over 6M gamer strong community
  • 40M listings

In the past 18 months, we worked hard to launch our Gameflip Omni, a blockchain-connected platform for top brands and developers to reach the mainstream gaming audience without the complexities of blockchain-based transactions. Using Omni, brands and developers can quickly setup and directly sell Digital Assets (NFTs) — collectibles or playable game items — for fiat or cryptocurrency on multiple supported blockchains.

Building on top of Marketplace and Omni, we are bringing a customizable white label solution for game developers to quickly build their games in the Web3 player-owned economy such that developers can control the game balance and keeping it engaging.

The Gameflip Solution

Our solution is built specifically for gaming and digital commerce, drawing from deep knowledge from our prior experience of development and publishing of free-to-play games with complex game economies. We’ve built in safeguards that enable gamers to safely transact. By adopting blockchain technology that can provide verifiable digital ownership, our solution allows even quicker, safer, and interoperable transactions of digital items.

Developing fun games that can overcome the complexity, performance, and scalability of blockchain is simply hard, not to mention the need of supporting multiple competing blockchains and overcoming gas cost or transaction lags.

Our solution removes the barrier and complexities of blockchains for Web3 games, allowing developers to focus on making games fun while supporting multiple blockchains and keeping the game economy balanced.

Created with Safety and Security in mind

Having developed and scaled a large and successful publishing platform at Aeria Games, we witnessed and combatted against plenty of threats such as bots, game cheats/exploits, intrusion attempts, DDoS attacks, phishing attempts, and scams against our users. When building Gameflip, we took many lessons learned, adopted newer tools and techniques, and applied them to the development of the Gameflip platform. We designed for security by implementing various proven practices such as least privilege access, data encryption at rest and in transit, network and service segmentations, multi-factor authentications, and other industry best security standards to guard against a multitude of threats. We’ve also built a top-notch fraud detection system and thwarted many security threats and fraud attempts.

With our solution, gamers can get started playing the game in seconds with a common and intuitive account registration process. They can add more protection with an authenticator app and optional mobile phone for account recovery. When desired, ready and comfortable with a blockchain, they can connect their own blockchain wallets for transferring their game items (NFTs) or cryptocurrencies. Connecting their own blockchain wallet is entirely optional for players, and this option is mainly for those who wish to directly interact with the blockchain.

Using Gameflip’s solution, gamers can can quickly sign up to play the game and have their accounts well protected and recoverable.

With our solution, mainstream gamers will feel safe and at ease. They can start playing games without knowing or understanding blockchain, and when ready, they can adopt and directly interact with the blockchain.

Customizable solutions

We recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach for developers, and thus, developers can choose a wide array of options with our solution without fear of being locked in.

  • Storefront and Marketplace — Sell playable Digital Assets (game items) on Gameflip. Developers can use their own blockchain contract or get one from us. This solution requires minimal integration or development and is the quickest way to work with us.
  • Sign-in with Gameflip Account — Use Gameflip accounts to play your game. By supporting Gameflip’s sign-in and wallet APIs, gamers with can login or register and play the game quickly. You can directly sell or reward players by perform on-demand minting NFTs directly to their account, all without gas fees.
  • Complete white labeling — There is no Gameflip branding in this solution. This approach requires more integration and development but is much more flexible. The developer has full control of the brand and user experience, including customized or embedded marketplace, storefront, on-demand minting, game token (currency) rewards and spending, evolution or transforming of player-owned game items, administration of users, including monitoring and banning of exploiters or cheaters, and much more.

Our solution supports developers with existing NFT standard contracts, making it simpler to integrate while avoiding any platform lock-in.

You can customize with the Gameflip white labeling solution

We’ve also designed our platform to be quite flexible, and developers choose what they need for their games. While we provide digital commerce and monetization solution, we want to ensure that developers have the necessary tools and capabilities to achieve their goal — making the game enjoyable and balanced. A few examples are:

  • There’s no restriction of what game items must be player-owned. Game developers shouldn’t require all items in their games to be own-able, particularly consumable items.
  • Items can be minted on-demand as part of the gameplay, without worrying about gas cost. Similarly, the gameplay can have items transformed (e.g. evolved, crafted) which requires burning of their previous incarnations.
  • If the game is play-and-earn, the developer can also incorporate the game cryptocurrency with Gameflip for rewarding (mint) gamers or allowing them to spend as part of the gameplay.

Blockchain technology, while beneficial, is still limited for complex apps or games. With our Gameflip solution, game developers will have a suite of tools and features to leverage the benefits of blockchain, namely digital ownership, to implement and manage the game’s player-owned economy.

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