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Gameflip ranks on Product Hunt!

On the 4th of July 2022, Gameflip reached a significant milestone. We joined products such as Notion, Slack, Robinhood, and others, with a successful head start on Product Hunt.

With almost a decade in existence, Product Hunt offers makers — that’s the title of those working on products on the platform — the opportunity to show their best to a community of product experts, with what’s called the Launch. Launches help makers gain traction, often leading to early adopters, product feedback, and meaningful connections.

Ranking #2 in Product Hunt means that Gameflip will continue to grow and develop, this time with the assessment and support of a community that has an interest in technology, but also a keen eye on what are the products that will deliver the results wanted.

Aware that the gaming industry is under a significant revolution and evolution at this moment, the makers of Gameflip are tuned to create solutions to new necessities, focusing on innovation, we strive to make the commerce engine for the burgeoning play-to-earn gaming category. With over 6M gamers buying and selling on our platform, Gameflip is an already consolidated marketplace worldwide, and now we’re looking to bridge the gap between developers, publishers, and gamers in emerging blockchain technologies.

The team behind Gameflip’s management comprises serial entrepreneurs who have worked together across multiple start-ups, had successful exits, and are adepts in gaming. With a lineup of experts that love what they do, we’re able to offer cohesion between new technologies and a friendly user experience, effectively amplifying the number of adopters of blockchain products.

While we are proud of everything we have created so far, we are also aware that we have a long road ahead of us and that every user and their feedback is precious to continue our journey. We thank the Product Hunt community of pros, who, like us, are looking to create a better future for technology, as well as Gameflip’s veterans that allow us to keep growing to this day.



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