Gaming Market is about to Change!

Gameflip Lam
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2 min readNov 9, 2022


Today we are happy to announce that Gameflip has now a partnership with Game Changer, a free-to-play Web3 gaming platform that rewards players for their time and skills! We believe that this is a great opportunity to bring a new era of digital games to mainstream gamers.

With the ascension of Web3 technologies, lots of big and small studios are investing in this new field that allows true ownership of digital gaming items, a fundamental part of Gameflip’s mission statement.

Gameflip recently launched a developer toolkit with an enormous amount of tools for any studio to quickly join the Web3 universe. Game Changer is one of the first studios to use the entirety of this toolkit for its full potential, creating, distributing and, selling digital assets to the mainstream gaming community.

“Our strategic partnership with Game Changer is the next step for Gameflip in becoming the leader in the Web3-based gaming space,” said JT Nguyen, CEO of Gameflip. “Game Changer is leveraging our robust set of features to power their entire platform, giving them a gigantic head start into all of their upcoming projects.”

Game Changer is an up and coming studio that allows players to compete with each other in PvP, tournaments, or challenges in order to win valuable prizes, they also have all sorts of games, from skill-based and RPGs to hypercasual and social games.

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