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5 Reasons Why the 5 Minute Perseverance Game Is One of My All-Time Favorite Self-Motivational Games

And has the potential to become yours too

Photo by Wilhelm Gunkel on Unsplash

I didn’t write this article in one piece. I wrote it in tiny sprints of inspiration and creativity, and it became a product of tenacity that sprang from a simple real-life game I call the 5 Minute Perseverance Game.




Living a gameful life means approaching anything we are up to or what comes our way as if it was a fantastic collection of games, of which we are both designers and players. This publication is by Victoria Ichizli-Bartels. For more see and subscribe to

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Victoria Ichizli-Bartels

Victoria Ichizli-Bartels

Life gamer, life coach, top writer, author, engineer; originator of Self-Gamification — an art to turning life into fun games →

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