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A Month of 1001 Epiphanies

June 2022 Newsletter by Gameful Life

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June has been a curious month for me so far. Here is why.

On the one hand, it has been as dynamic as April and May had been — with writing, consulting, and teaching work. Or maybe even more so with vacation closing in and trying to conclude milestones in consulting projects, the semester at a local creative school for writers coming to an end and exams commencing, and last but not least, the release of new books and writing new articles online.

On the other hand, I noticed how I allowed myself to pause more to let my thoughts flow and experience my feelings. I observed how after a spike of emotion after reading an e-mail or a personal message, a conversation in person or on the phone, I didn’t immediately call or write to someone else as I used to do in the past and maybe even complain to that person, but I did something else. I sat for a second, a minute, or two, went for a short walk or engaged in a household chore to let my thoughts and feelings flow and be experienced and appreciated.

Letting myself do so revealed itself to be highly enriching and empowering for me.

I remember how I once thought of such days of insight and retrospection as days full of epiphanies. So, yes, June became such a magical month of 1001 epiphanies for me. Each of them had its source and context. And each of them unique.

I invite you to give yourself a minute to experience your emotions and feelings and observe your thoughts as you let them flow without judging, validating, or analyzing them. Enjoy and treasure them. They are gifts of self-awareness and self-appreciation.

Gameful Life digest

Here are the three articles I have published in Gameful Life and Cheerleading for Writers since the last month’s newsletter.

Gameful Life

Cheerleading for Writers:

I hope you enjoy reading them.

Before we say our goodbyes, a note about the following newsletter; there won’t be any newsletter in July. I will still be working part of July and August, but I will write less online and spend as much time with my children as possible on their summer vacation, which starts this weekend in Aalborg, Denmark. So, you can expect the next monthly newsletter end of August.

Let me also mention the following. If you want to hear from me above this Newsletter, I invite you to subscribe to my mailing list. You can find out where else you can follow or contact me on my contact page.

Thank you very much for your interest and support for Gameful Life and my other publications! It means a lot to me.

Have a beautiful, exciting, peaceful, and gameful July and August 2022!

With best wishes,


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