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Happy New Year 2021! Let’s Make It Gameful!

January 2021 Newsletter by Gameful Life

Photo by Carson Arias on Unsplash

This is the second newsletter for my publication Gameful Life on Medium. A month passed, and somehow, both much and not much happened.

The paradoxical nature of life is crystal clear in such an experience of the time that passed.

I hope you stayed safe, healthy, and well, and I also hope you had beautiful holidays either on your own or with your loved ones, again either having them close to you or communicating with them online or on the phone.

In my family, we had both — visited some family members for Christmas and welcomed some friends on New Year’s, while staying within limits recommended by the Danish government, and chatted live with others.

The hopes for 2021 are big, and they should be. We can lower our expectations, but it’s always worth to have hope.

And games are great resources to learn how. We don’t expect to win every time in them, but we sure hope so!

Thus, let’s make 2021 joyful, gameful, playful, and fun. And if we face a huge and overwhelming challenge, let’s break off a tiny bit of it, turn this bit into a mini-game to play, then take another, do the same, and so on. And before we know it, we stop fearing the challenge or the problem and instead enjoy the process and feel like champions, which we are!

I will end this newsletter in a few moments. But before I do it, here are the three articles published in Gameful Life since the previous Newsletter in December 2020:

If you want to access even more resources on turning our lives into fun games, I invite you to check out my ko-fi page, where you will find both free and locked content.

To get access to everything that I post there, you can subscribe for $5 a month. Here is an article explaining why it makes sense to do so:

But you can also start by taking a look and following me there or subscribing to my mailing list here:

All there is to say now is to wish you a beautiful start into 2021, and may the gameful resourcefulness accompany you in any situation in these strange and challenging times.

Thank you very much again for your support for and interest in Gameful Life!

Knowing that I can help helps me in return. Thank you very much for that!

With best wishes,




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