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More and More Bright Colors

May 2021 Newsletter by Gameful Life

Photo by Sorin Gheorghita on Unsplash

Poppies won’t appear here in Denmark until summer, but there are more and more bright colors in the gardens outside — even with the weather still being quite moody.

And the feeling of many contrasts and moodiness in the everyday rhythm, about which I reported last month, is still here. The life of a writer and entrepreneur is often quite unpredictable — with many surprises on the way.

Being gameful and playful definitely helps seeing many challenges as fun opportunities and not wrapping too much drama around them. Or if I do add some drama, then I stop as soon as I become aware of it and put on my gameful glasses back on and adjust my project and activity games so that I can’t wait to engage in them and enjoy “playing” them when I do.

Articles since the last Newsletter

I hope you continue enjoying your time on Medium and reading pieces in Gameful Life. There are 81 of us (followers) on Gameful Life now. This is just, wow! Wonderful! Since the last Newsletter in April, I have published seven articles in total. Six of these in Gameful Life, and one in ILLUMINATION. All pieces in the list below, except the first one, which is short, were curated (distributed on Medium). That felt like many wins in a lottery. :D

Here are the seven articles for your enjoyment.

Published in Gameful Life:

Published in ILLUMINATION:

I am writing and publishing more on Medium again. I published five of the seven articles above within a week (the last one just today, in Gameful Life). I’m glad I am doing that again. It brings me so much joy to hang out here in this great community of writers and readers. I hope you enjoy reading the stories above.

Here’s where else you can find me

If you want to hear more often from me, I invite you to subscribe to my Optimist Writer’s blog and newsletter. Right now, I blog on my website once and send newsletters to subscribers also once every week. You can subscribe here. And on my contact page, you can find out where else you can follow or contact me.

Thank you!

Thank you very much for your interest and support for Gameful Life! It means the world.

Enjoy the gameful, colorful nature of the Spring!

With best wishes,





Living a gameful life means approaching anything we are up to or what comes our way as if it was a fantastic collection of games, of which we are both designers and players. This publication is by Victoria Ichizli-Bartels. For more see and subscribe to

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Victoria Ichizli-Bartels

Life gamer, life coach, top writer, author, engineer; originator of Self-Gamification — an art to turning life into fun games →

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