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Preparing for New Beginnings

March 2022 Newsletter by Gameful Life

Photo by Pascal Debrunner on Unsplash

March was, for me so far, a month of many preparations.

Preparing slides for the business course, I teach at a local school for writers. Preparing material for the customers, I consult and the meetings with them. Preparing drafts of articles for publishing here on Medium. Preparing to speak at an international conference. Preparing dinner. Preparing my home for a family visit. Preparing to pick up my children from school. Preparing to stop work for the day and spend time with my family or read a book by a favorite author.

I could probably go on and on.

I feel like we can find parallels to what happens in our lives and any moment in any month. In many places in the Northern hemisphere, March is a month of nature awakening after three winter months. Spring is a time of nature preparing for summer.

I can share two types of my preparations this month with you. The articles on gameful life and an invitation to join me at an international conference, which will take place online next week.

But one thing at a time.

An invitation

And here is an invitation to meet me at Gamification Europe 2022, one of the biggest and best conferences on gamification, the technique and art of learning from games and bringing the gamefulness and playfulness, as well as motivation and success so characteristic to gameplay, into real-life projects, activities, and environments.

I will be speaking about turning habits and life into fun games on coming Tuesday, March 22, 2022, dedicated to the topic of Health and Wellbeing. You can still get your ticket to the conference, or just this day if you wish, by using the code in this poster to get a discount:

Image created by organizers of Gamification Europe 2022.

To register for the conference, go to this link: Gamification Europe 2022.

To check out the schedule of the Health & Wellbeing Day, click on the link of the day’s title.

I hope to see you there or on any other conference days. I plan to be there at all of the sessions.

Before we say our goodbyes, let me mention the following. If you want to hear from me above this newsletter, I invite you to subscribe to my mailing list. You can find out where else you can follow or contact me on my contact page.

Thank you very much for your interest and support for Gameful Life and my other publications! It means a lot to me.

Have a beautiful, peaceful, and gameful April 2022!

With best wishes,


P.S. If you want unlimited access to all articles (including all of mine) on Medium, I invite you to become a Medium member (subscriber). Medium is an excellent place for both writers and readers. Please note that I will receive a portion of your membership fee if you subscribe by using this link. That will be a fantastic support for my work.



Living a gameful life means approaching anything we are up to or what comes our way as if it was a fantastic collection of games, of which we are both designers and players. This publication is by Victoria Ichizli-Bartels. For more see and subscribe to

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