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September 2022 Newsletter by Gameful Life

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For newsletters as this one, I usually search for an illustration with the name of the month, for which I am writing the newsletter. How fun that the saying on the illustration above suits the purpose of this newsletter to the point.

As you can see in the title, I plan this newsletter to be the last on this platform, at least for now. I am not stopping with writing articles online and I might publish one or another digest in a form of an article. So, you can expect more material to appear from me here.

My decision to stop writing newsletters on this platform is because I want to concentrate on what I enjoy most and what also matters to me most as both a reader and a writer. And that is books.

I mentioned a couple of months ago that I would slow down my writing online and instead concentrate on writing books, later sharing excerpts as articles online. I will continue doing so, but I decided to stop writing two newsletters each month: one in the form of an article and digest, here, and another for the subscribers to the mailing list on my website.

I hope this will not be upsetting to you, dear reader, and instead, you will see it as an update to my writing game design, which it is. Not so long ago, I played several writing games in parallel, or each a little every day and it was fun, but my interests have shifted.

Right now, I enjoy concentrating on one project at a time and putting the others on the locked levels, which I can unlock by finishing one part or the whole project, be it finishing a manuscript, writing an article, completing a chapter for a book, or writing this newsletter.

The quote on the illustration above and my gameful approach to life and writing reminded me of another quote I discovered just before September 2022 started. I discovered it in my Points and Badges Game Book, a weekly calendar I use to record the rewards in my real-life games. This brilliant quote, which I found on the page with the overview of the September month, goes as following:

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.“ — Maya Angelou

So, in the case of my writing game, I did both, change its design and my attitude toward it, where the latter allowed me to find the most suitable design for me in my current circumstances, interests, and experiences.

I just checked when I started writing newsletters here and saw that the first went out in December 2020 and that this one, here, is number 21. And with the number of the year we have right now, this makes a harmonic row of numbers: 20, 21, and 22. I see it as a great spot to stop, take stock, review my attitude, update game plans and continue to the next game level.

I hope it makes some sense, and without further ado, let me offer you some links to check out.

If you missed the last newsletter, you can read it here: “Varying Rhythms.” And if you wonder what I wrote in the very first one at the end of 2020, then see “Thank you for supporting Gameful Life!”.

And now, let’s continue with the Gameful Life digest.

Gameful Life Digest

Here are the two articles I wrote and published since the last newsletter on this platform and in frames of my publication Gameful Life:

I hope you enjoy reading them and the stories that came before and will come after them.

Since we have looked at the latest and earliest newsletter above, and you got the list of the two latest articles as well, here are — to complete the circle — also the earliest two articles I ever wrote and published on this platform:

If you would like to continue getting occasional (usually monthly) newsletters from me, I invite you to join my mailing list. There, I will continue sharing the friend links to my articles, book, and other related news.

Thank you very much again for your interest and support for Gameful Life and my other publications! It means a lot to me. And I hope we will continue crossing our ways.

Have beautiful, exciting, peaceful, and gameful October, November, December 2022, and all the months after that!

With best wishes,


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