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Varying Rhythms

August 2022 Newsletter by Gameful Life

We often think holidays, vacations, and days off from work or school will make us recharge and feel much better about the daily routines spiced with the surprises (often perceived as unpleasant) of our work and school lives.

But interestingly enough, holidays, vacations, and days off can be as hectic as daily life or even more so. Or they can be revealing in terms of changing rhythms and how drastic these changes can be. That happened to me this summer.

All the packing before leaving for the first part of the holidays at a resort was, understandably, a little hectic. There were some chunks in preparations that went smoother than others, but the pace was quick.

I thought the pace would relax as soon as we arrived at our destination. But it didn’t. At least not entirely. Sometimes we needed to hurry to make a reservation for a game, another type of recreative activity, or at a restaurant or got stressed over choosing rewards after playing at an arcade.

On the other hand, we had relaxing walks from the little house we rented to the holiday center. And at other times, these walks were quicker or didn’t feel as relaxed because of the weather we perceived as unfavorable.

After being away from home, we returned and had a day to prepare for a ten-day family visit from Germany. Unpacking from our travel, cleaning, and preparing the house for the visit was quickly paced again and added pressure.

As soon as the family came, there was again a feeling of relaxation. We undertook fun things together and relaxed at home, all the while having a varied rhythm to our days: active going out or to the beach or more laid back at home.

When the family left, we had a couple of days left until the work-life started again for my husband and me. There was some remodeling of our children’s rooms since they both needed new furniture. There was shopping, painting a wall in my daughter’s room, sorting and packing away clothes and toys, and putting them back in their new places in remodeled rooms. And putting the furniture together, of course.

All that meant a lot of changes in the rhythm and adaption to it. If I resisted the ever-varying rhythm, I got annoyed and irritated. If I went with the flow and “surfed” it, I enjoyed the change of pace.

So, when the work-life came back, I didn’t wish to take some calm from vacation with me as I did before. I chose to take the awareness of the changing rhythms, anticipate this change and see how I could make the best of it; in other words, enjoy it.

I am happy to report that this idea was hugely rewarding. With the awareness of the often changing rhythm, our lives bring with them, I could deflect quite a few upsets and instead support myself by adjusting my approach to life to enjoy it as a fun collection of games.

Gameful Life digest

As anticipated, I haven’t written much in July and August. The pace with which I will publish in the future will continue to be relaxed, i.e., a couple of articles each month.

Here are the three articles I have published in Gameful Life since June’s newsletter.

Gameful Life

I hope you enjoy reading them.

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Thank you very much for your interest and support for Gameful Life and my other publications! It means a lot to me.

Have a beautiful, exciting, peaceful, and gameful September 2022!

With best wishes,


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