Join the Subversive Crowdsourcing: How to Submit to Gameromancer

It’s too easy to merely talk about rebellion. The real challenge is taking action.

Anthony Wolf
Nov 20, 2019 · 4 min read

You should know by now that Gameromancer is not afraid to say what it’s thinking, even when it hurts. Especially when it hurts. But we have decided that this is not enough. Because when you’re living in a world filled with old fogeys who are desperately looking to sound pompous, when talking about games, the only real rebellious act stands in subverting the roles. We need to start an uprising and, like all meaningful rebellions in the history of mankind, we need to start it from below. Or whatever below is. In short, we need to give you a voice via our crowdsourcing section.

The only way to rebel is to give you a voice. To put a freaking pen in your hands and pull your balls out.

Gameromancer’s Crowdsourcing

That’s the answer we gave ourselves: crowdsourcing. A word which may sound like we’re giving ourselves a tone (and we definitely are), but what it substantially means is that Gameromancer gives you the chance to try and write something, submit it to us and possibly see it online, after being reviewed by the Romancers behind the project. A springboard which may lead you to monetise your work through Medium, but which is meant to propel you elsewhere and possibly help you write seriously about video games at some point. Or you might choose to stick around and stay with us. It’s tough, out there, and you always have to play by the rules. And we are fucking sick of rules.

If your hands are itching to write a story about gamers, you’re ready to be one of us.

You don’t need to be a seasoned writer to submit stories to Gameromancer. We want to give everybody a voice to talk about the medium they love, and we welcome submissions from all backgrounds and experiences.

Gameromancer Submission Guidelines

You can either write for us here on Medium or submit your article for review on our website. Please bear in mind we are still working on an English version of, so website submissions might have to wait for a bit longer.

Once you’ve decided where you want your piece to go, everything is pretty much as easy as sitting down and starting to write. Here are couple things you should consider.

  • Add a nice headline to your story. If you’re not sure what the final headline should be, we can help with that — but we need to have a clear idea of what the angle of your story is, before we can be of any assistance.
  • If you know how to format, please format your story using bold and italics. You don’t need to write a structured piece with seven headers — you might even choose not to use a single header at all. Take a look at our published stories to have an idea of our… unusual formatting style.
  • Do bear in mind Medium’s curation guidelines if you’re planning to have your story curated. All we can do is present your story to our readers — the tough part is up to you.
  • We welcome anything gaming or tech related, better if it has a lifestyle twist to it. Do you have a compelling story about struggling to find time to play? Do you want our readers to know about how video games changed your life? If so, we’re looking forward to your submission.
  • As mentioned, you don’t need to be a seasoned writer to submit. If you have a compelling piece we love, we’ll be happy to feature it on our pages.
  • We welcome voices from all backgrounds, but we’re only able to accept submissions in English or Italian at this point.
  • Do not use clickbait headlines. Anything not reflecting the actual content of the story will be rejected. Do not say ‘X game sucks’ when you are actually planning to praise it. That said, please be creative with your headlines. We love storytelling and creativity.
  • Self-promotion. Any story bringing value to you and not to our readers will be rejected.
  • Uninspired or unoriginal stories which would be a better fit for traditional game press. We are a lifestyle gaming publication — we are not looking for a game review in the style of traditional game press. Be imaginative. Dare. Think of a personal, intimate and interesting view on game experiences instead.

Feel free to send your submission to

Thank you in advance. If you need any help, feel free to contact Anthony Wolf, Pietro Iacullo of Francesco Alteri for assistance. Help will always be given at Gameromancer, to those who ask for it.



Do you have a great story about gamers?

Anthony Wolf

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Penniless sitar player, 2-bit fiction writer. He babbles about storytelling, video games and cinema. And Disney. Lots of Disney. | Writing for The Startup.


Do you have a great story about gamers? Are you itching to fight traditional game press? #JoinTheRebellion and become a Gameromancer. While others describe games with numbers, we tell passionate stories about game experiences. And we don’t care about the consequences.

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