You don’t believe in Hollow Knight

This is not a Hollow Knight review. This is a review of those who have never believed in Hollow Knight.

Anthony Wolf
Feb 17 · 3 min read
Credit: Team Cherry

Nice game, Hollow Knight.
Can’t say much else about it. 25 hours of gameplay in, it’s got among the best art in the history of 2D, balanced yet punitive gameplay, and a map so stunning it can make your arsehole widen in awe.

It’s one of those incredibly rare cases in which you don’t need to finish a game before you can give a judgement. Hollow Knight is a great game. Period.

To think that, had it been for you, it wouldn’t have ever existed.

Hollow Knight risked not ever seeing the light of day.

Team Cherry is a development studio made up of a bunch of Australians (three, to be precise) with nothing but a ginormous passion for video games and amazing creativity. Some day they wake up and realise they have an idea, yet lack the means to develop it. They need help.

Thank the heavens, they find it in Kickstarter. The Hollow Knight crowdfunding campaign concludes with huge success, so surprising that the game manages to land on several consoles as well.

Team Cherry, hard at work. Credit: .

Where were you, in all of that? You were complaining on social media about EA’s microtransactions, you were being a dick about Skyrim’s bug, you complained ’they’ can’t even come up with original ideas anymore. And in the meantime, a small group of developers needed your help to pursue a dream.

Imagine how bad if Hollow Knight had never existed. We would have missed a small pearl from the indie scene, because you would much rather buy the same old Pokémon shit.

Or Undertale. Imagine how bad if Undertale had never existed. We would have missed a masterpiece from the indie scene, one made practically by one person alone, because you would rather give your money to Final Fantasy XV.

Truth is, you’ve never believed in Hollow Knight.

Because you’re a parasite. You’re a keyboard warrior, someone who just wants to play without looking at the experience, someone who would complain about NieR: Automata because it’s got one-generation old graphics. Because you don’t have the freaking heart to shed tears before Pascal, or Emil, or by listening to .

You’ve never believed in Hollow Knight or Undertale, because you’re wired with prejudice. And meanwhile, publishers see your purchase patterns, study them, and Cuphead’s developers risk starvation to mortgage their house.

To mortgage their house, because they had a dream.

But you don’t believe in dreams either. You’ve been stuck in the same job for years, perhaps in the same romantic relationship, with no way to escape. Perhaps you don’t even have a job. Perhaps you dropped out of uni because you can’t even accomplish a salad. And you feel the need to unleash your frustration upon those who have the balls to chase their dreams for real.

Truth is, you’ve never believed in Hollow Knight.

Truth is, you’ve never believed in video games.

I bet you’ve even downloaded yours from µTorrent.


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