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Gamerplex marketplace just got way faster!

A big complaint about our Metaplex-based NFT marketplace website has been about page load times. With todays commit we have merged our fork with the new Metaplex speed improvements resulting in some sweet ~2 second load times.

Massive thanks to Jordan, Sultan, Adam Jeffries and others on the Metaplex dev team!

Just in time for the upcoming Kinland Racing level

Kinland Development is pushing forward!

Check out some screenshots of the new level. Look forward to racing, running over monsters and fighting with monster cars!

Kinland Race Track
Getting out the Lambo
Watch out for Monster cars that are coming for you!

Check out Kinland and other Solana blockchain games at




Gamerplex is developing multiple blockchain games to help play-to-earn gamers earn value through exciting gameplay, cross-game NFT’s and the $X token. Website: | Join our Discord at

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