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Gamerplex Updates at the Solana Breakpoint Conference in Lisbon Portugal

It’s been a massive week for Gamerplex at the Solana Breakpoint Conference hosting in Lisbon, Portugal. The 3 day conference was jam packed with concurrent events spread out across 3 venues and featuring massive talks from the Solana team, industry partners and most importantly, the projects that all work together to make the Solana ecosystem truly great. Streams are available to watch over on Twitch Solana TV and the Solana Youtube Channel.

Solana Breakpoint Conference — November 2021

The Growing Solana Ecosystem- Kinland (bottom left)

At the Kick-off session of Solana Breakpoint, “State of the Network” Anatoly Yakovenko and Raj Gokal walked us through the amazing growth of Solana over the past year, the huge ecosystem of projects building upon it (and launching working products) and the huge amount of investment into the growth of the ecosystem coming from Venture Capital, who see Solana as one of the key building blocks of the next era of Web 3. Amazing to see Kinland at the bottom-left of this slide! Fantastic to get a mention :)

Meeting the Kin Foundation Team in Person!

One of those partners is the Kin Foundation, who over the past year migrated to the super fast and low fee Solana blockchain. They were one of the early projects to move to Solana and are really starting to see their app ecosystem blow up with finalised SDK’s being published, a bunch new projects coming online every month and the ability to tap into Solana ecosystem development opportunities, such as NFT’s and the Metaplex marketplace.

John Forfar (Founder of Gamerplex) meeting the Kin Foundation’s Kevin Ricoy & Bram Borggreve. Free merch also dropped :)

Since starting Kinland development in December 2020, the team at Gamerplex (previously SOL X Ventures) have been working with Kevin, Bram and Will(s) to get Kinland integrated into the ecosystem. It is finally great to meet them in person and put faces to the names. They are also super cool guys to meet up with IRL !

The Real Work Happens in Solana Hacker Houses

If you have been following the Solana ecosystem you come to realise that it is these sporadic make-shift sweaty production centres around the world where the real work gets done. Solana Hacker Houses have become the the place to be, if you really want to roll up your sleeves and fix some technical problems.

Bram & Juan did just this and managed to get the Solana SPL token $KIN working! Check out the commit that made all this possible and then it was a matter of configuring and testing with $KIN. It goes to show you how joining a massive supportive ecosystem like Solana can unlock potential opportunities. We now have Solana NFT purchases using the $KIN cryptocurrency token!

Meeting the Devs behind the booming Solana Metaplex NFT Phenomenon

By the looks of it I do love a good selfie. The past week has been amazing to meet some of the core devs of Solana and Metaplex. Jordan and Bartosz have been instrumental to continuous development of the Metaplex open source code base that has now seen over $1 billion sales since June 2021. This has been legendary in the NFT ecosystem and will only get bigger and bigger as the Metaplex code base matures, with Candy Machine and Fair Launch Protocol making up to 80,000 NFT generative drops possible. Juan also gets a mention here, as without his work $KIN integration would be impossible.

Launching Kinland Coins on KIN NFT Marketplace

The past week has seen a bunch of cool Kin coins launching on the new KIN NFT Marketplace. Of course, our game Kinland is centred around collection $KIN coins, so without further ado check out our new “Kinland Coin Series” launching exclusively on the KIN NFT Marketplace in Gold, Silver, Bronze and Purple! These playable NFT’s will grant the player with special attributes (to be announced) in the Kinland game and it is always great to see more spend use-cases for the $KIN token. 24 hour auctions will be spread out over the next 48 hours. Check it out now!

Gamerplex is Now Live with $KIN Auctions!

We have some Kinland Racing Level 4 characters sitting in pit lane, who are now coming out to race! We will have a mix of auctions at listing with $SOL and $KIN depending on what game it is for! Check out the updated Gamerplex store now!

Kinland Level 4 Release Imminent

We are just putting the final touches on Level 4 and will be updating our existing Kinland Google Play Store listing for Android mobiles. We will also be building for as many platforms as possible, including Apple Mac, Apple iPhone, PC and potentially Web.

Look forward to new gameplay including Highway Driving, Kinland Racing and Kinland Derby modes. After this release will be be fully focused on enabling these gameplay modes as Multiplayer Mini-games, so you better have your avatar ready! Check out the full Kinland Road Map here.

Kinland NFT Integration

We will be working with the Solcry team to beta test their upcoming open source Solana Unity SDK! This will enable us to integrate our Kinland playable NFT’s in-game, with integration & beta testing starting next week. Read more about the Solana SDK for Unity3D here!

Official KIN Unity SDK

This is something we have been waiting for a long team, after spending time with the Kin Foundation team we are pretty confident this will be getting completed shortly, however no date known yet. But as you can see, the Solana ecosystem is building all the primitives to enable Gaming and their Web3 Metaverse so it will be inevitable!

Gamerplex Updates

Gamerplex is developing multiple blockchain games to help play-to-earn gamers earn value through exciting gameplay, cross-game NFT’s and the $X token. We have updated the website to reflect our new mission statement and are building out a Exaverse (the metaverse powered by $X token) Game directory to make it easy for players to discover new games and eventually use their NFT’s across multiple games! Building the Exaverse will be super-exciting, so come join our discord for future announcements! We have also updated our Metaplex fork with a new look and full $KIN auction integration. A full whitepaper detailing our upcoming token drop will also be announced in the near future.

New Game Leak — Soul Strike

Thanks to Anatoly and the whole Solana Team for enabling Web 3!

It’s been a massive week for the Exaverse that Gamerplex is building and we look forward to building cool games where the player owns the assets and can create value across multiple game titles!

One Last Thing…

Stay tuned to our Discord and Twitter as “Gamerplex OG’s are bout to drop”.

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Gamerplex is developing multiple blockchain games to help play-to-earn gamers earn value through exciting gameplay, cross-game NFT’s and the $X token. Website: | Join our Discord at

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