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Introducing… Gamerplex

At Gamerplex, we believe that the Solana Gaming ecosystem is only getting started. It has grown immensely over the past few months with the huge growth of Solana NFT’s recently crossing $1 billion in tx value (Source: Raj Gokal). Now we are seeing a massive pipeline of Play to Earn (P2E) Games coming to the ecosystem and are super excited.

After building a couple projects throughout the 2020 Solana Hackathons, we started building games in December 2020 after realising that there will be a massive future on Solana due to its scalability, speed and low fees. We also love playing games so why not! We are pretty excited about a new era of gaming where gamers can eventually earn a living by playing video games all across the world.

John Forfar from SOL X Ventures speaking at Perth Crypto Summit 2021

What is Gamerplex about?

It is very early in the Solana Gaming ecosystem, there are a lot of gaming primitives to be built, and a lot of cool games to build. So we are building out a community of gamers who want to put a dent in the Solana metaverse. It is our goal to keep gaming decentralised, open and ensure that the actual gamers, get a massive cut of the value chain. We will be announcing our future plans over at Discord so please stay tuned.

How Gamerplex will help the Solana Gaming Ecosystem

Over the next few months we will be releasing three games in Beta and will be seeking community tester feedback on Discord. Make sure you join the Gamerplex chat to get involved! We have multiple games being built, to test out the best ways to integrate Solana blockchain with Unity & Unreal game engines. We are also keen to put the Solana Metaverse concept through its paces with inter-game playable NFT’s. There is still a lot of integration work required (you only find this out when you BUIDL things) so if you are keen to roll up your sleeves join us.


Utilising the Kin ecosystem, which moved over to Solana late last year we started building Kinland around the same time. The concept is pretty simple, run around a 3D world and collect $KIN coins. It is our belief, that a low polygon blockchain game that can work on all mobile devices, could potentially scale to billions of users across the world. We are very keen to prove this hypothesis over the rest of 2021/2022. :)

There will be plenty of updated gameplay mechanics coming out, such as our single player Level 4 racing level. We will also be going back to Level 2 to introduce animal breeding and introducing multiplayer mini-games in the near future. Meanwhile, we launch some small NFT drops at to help fund development as we wait for the main revenue driver to work, which is the actual $KIN Unity SDK to be released from the Kin Foundation. Kinland is built on Unity and will look to integrate via Kin SDK and potentially direct Solana Wallet integration for NFT support. Stay tuned over at the Gamerplex discord.


The concept behind this game is pretty simple, 3 minute rounds to shoot it out and see who wins. It could be last man standing or highest kill count that wins. It is designed for adrenaline junkies who love the looter shooter genre. We are experimenting with different gameplay mechanics until we are happy, and we already have multiplayer working. It is also built on Unity and will look at integrating with Stardust platform to talk to Solana blockchain. Stay tuned over at the Gamerplex discord.


We have entered Cyberwars into the Solana Ignition Hackathon. We just got integration with Stardust working at the time of writing and are pushing forward to have a playable Beta in the next couple of weeks by the end of the Hackathon. Set in the year 2050, you have to fight against the robot overlords who enslave humanity. It is built on Unity Engine 4 so we can push out a playable as soon as possible (will look to migrate to UE5 next year and beautify it). Stay tuned over at the Gamerplex discord.

How can you help build the Solana Gaming community?

We need beta testers, we need feedback, we are building our games openly with quick release cycles directly to beta testers. We are testing multiple business models and gameplay mechanics until we hit successful results and will keep scaling up. Once we release our games with multiplayer enabled and gather some data, we will be at a point to announce our future plans.

Join us over on Discord and be a part of the Solana Gaming community!




Gamerplex is developing multiple blockchain games to help play-to-earn gamers earn value through exciting gameplay, cross-game NFT’s and the $X token. Website: | Join our Discord at

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