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What is a Metaverse? What is the Point?

You’ve probably heard a thing or two about a “Metaverse.” This has been a theory throughout the digital world for ages, but it was never possible until now. The idea is that it’s a virtual world for anyone and everything. Similar to a videogame that has a hub world for players to meet one another, but then branches off into smaller videogames. Except it’s not just for games and gamers, the metaverse can have a digital house for you to live in, places to play games, social spaces, and even your job. CEO of Meta (formerly known as Facebook), Mark Zuckerberg, advocates that using our phones, VR headsets, and future technology we will be able to seamlessly co-exist with the metaverse and blur the lines between the virtual world, and the real world.

(concept of Metaverse)

The metaverse will act as a place the make life more convenient and easier to meet people who have similar interests as you. A digital world for us to socialize in, have fun, enjoy events, watch live sports, watch digital sports, esports, various shows, play games, and even our jobs can take place within the metaverse. No more driving to work, having to make detailed plans with friends on where to meet or worrying about the price of gas to get there. Instead, everything will be a button press, a gesture, or a word away. Digital homes, offices, clubs, and more. Also, there will be things that aren’t possible in the real world, and only possible in the digital realm. All of these things are connected through a hub world with all other uses sharing the same space. However, your job and home will be private spaces for only those authorized to enter.

But how will you interact with it? What does it look like? Thanks to Virtual reality and augmented reality technology making massive breakthroughs in recent years and growing exponentially in popularity. It will primarily be done in Virtual reality. Those VR headsets are the gateway into the metaverse. So you can either stand up in an open area of your home or sit at a desk or table to enter the VR space. These VR devices come with hand controllers that allow you to make hand gestures and grab virtual objects and press virtual buttons. In the same way, you can play games and interact with people similar to real life.

But why? What is the point? It’s merely for convenience, to maximize space, and to make entertainment more affordable. Many people can’t afford to go out, or don’t have large homes. Most people across the world live in very small houses or apartments. This way they can escape and go to digital places, play games, and meet people, without having to spend money or time on transportation, or any entry fees like concert tickets.

Soon thanks to concepts like the metaverse we’ll be able to have more natural human connections through digital space. Customizing your digital house, avatar, and even with face tracking, we can show our emotions. It’s a promising use of technology, however, it causes reason for concern when a single company is trying to create an entire world digitally. If you think having a monopoly in an industry is dangerous, I don’t want to know what life would be like with such a massive part of our lives being dictated by a single company. But I remain optimistic nonetheless.

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