4 Ways Gamers Can Use Our Tokenized Assets

Power to the Player! Our use of ERC-721 tokens are going to change gamers’ lives.

Alongside our standard ERC-20-compatible token (GTX), our use of ERC-721 turns legendary in-game items into items of true rarity and unique value. Chances are, you’ve heard about the benefits of GamerToken’s non-fungible tokenized assets for publishers and developers. But GamerToken will always be, first and foremost, a project for gamers by gamers. That’s why we’re proud to share our list of use-cases for game-lovers.

1. Become a Part of Gaming History

“For the first time, players will be able to buy and own verifiable ‘celebrity’ skins.”

Arguably the most exciting feature of our tokenized rare assets is their ability to connect gamers with gaming legends. For the first time, players will be able to verifiably buy and own “celebrity” skins. As we’ve discussed in previous articles, these include skins used in championship matches by esports pros. Yet there’s so much more to gaming culture than that.

Gaming fans can trust our cryptographic verification systems and purchase the very skins used in the most epic or hilarious viral moments in gaming history. Imagine how valuable the skin used in Hiko’s famous Dust 2 180-Headshot would be to true Counter Strike fans.

As well as being valuable investments, the safe transfer of unique skins with transparent use-histories gives players tangible attachments to the ever-unfolding story of gaming.

2. Connect with New Parts of Gaming Legacy

“Players can choose whether to keep their prize-skins or sell them off for extra GTX.”

We strongly suspect that these in-game artefacts will play a key role in the future of in-game item culture. As the proliferation of non-fungible skins takes hold, more legendary skins will come to prominence, and this marketplace will continue to develop in all manner of new verticals.

Take the case of a professional gaming tournament. Players could be rewarded with branded, tokenized skins as a reward for either playing in or winning the tournament. These skins will come with a great deal of prestige and a publicly established, cryptographically verifiable history. After the tournament is finished, players can choose whether to keep their prize-skins or sell them off for extra GTX.

Methods of earning legendary skins are certainly not limited to tournaments, publishers might choose to provide a single legendary skin to the first person to amass all of the collectibles in a game, making this one-of-a-kind skin a sought-after piece of that game’s legacy.

3. Build Status

“By creating verifiable scarcity with non-fungible items, we create whole new magnitudes of status-potential.”

No one who has followed the cosmetic in-game item industry will doubt the truth of the statement, “Status is king.” From the earliest days of character-customisation, gamers delighted in the opportunities to make their characters unique. As the industry developed, distinguishing characters in a crowd has become a crucial part of the gaming experience.

By creating verifiable scarcity with non-fungible items, we create whole new magnitudes of status-potential. Players can collect limited edition skins, famed for their rarity or difficulty to access. Even more notoriety would be given to players who have completed esteemed skin-sets. There are many ways in which items could be deemed worthy of status, consider the example of ‘heirloom’ items, passed across games and sequels — earning the ultimate legendary status.

4. Get Your Loan-On

“Our hierarchical ownership feature allows players to temporarily give items to their fellow gamers”

There are many ways that GamerToken empowers monetary earning. One that we haven’t spoken about much is the potential to earn using our item-loaning system. Our hierarchical ownership feature allows players to temporarily give items to their fellow gamers while retaining true ownership themselves. Gamers will be able to assuredly lease out items that they’re not using. That way, they can create revenue streams that bring profit even when they’re asleep or “AFK”.

It’s not all about the money, the system facilitates community growth and stronger bonds between gamers; they can help out their clan members and friends by loaning them their coolest equipment. Got a friend headed into a big match? Make sure they’re equipped with epic gear that will strike fear in their opponents’ hearts.

It’s not usual for a project to admit that we don’t know all the future use-cases of our product. Nonetheless, the use-cases we’ve listed here are just the tip of the iceberg; the unknown applications of GamerToken are one of the most intriguing factors. Our secure, transparent, verifiable system opens-up new dimensions of the in-game item trade. We’re open-minded and optimistic about its future. The applications of GamerToken will likely surpass even the imaginations of our incredible advisory team. We hope you’re as excited about its potential as we are. Have any more ideas for GamerToken use-cases? Share them in the comments below or tweet them to us here.

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