CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and Thought-Leaders — Meet the GamerToken Advisors (Part 1)

A game is only as strong as its players. A project is only as strong as its team.

With 17 core staff members led by our CEO, Jens Knauber and CTO, Gary Coffey, alongside a vast network of contributors and partners, GamerToken has built a dedicated team to tackle their ambitious goals. Yet a project as bold as GamerToken needs the very best advisors. That’s why we’re delighted to introduce the first half of our advisory team — a group of incredible CEOs, entrepreneurs, and thought-leaders whose industry knowledge spans the breadth of gaming, cryptocurrency, and blockchain.

Kingsley Edwards

Kingsley Edwards’ background is nigh-on perfect for GamerToken. His vision of integrating cryptocurrency and gaming has existed since 2013 when he founded Leet, an eSports-Bitcoin platform. Leet was later acquired by Unikrn, where Kingsley acted as director over the UnikoinGold token sale — an event that has raised over 30 million dollars. Kingsley is now focusing on bringing his cryptocurrency expertise, experience, and network to other communities to help them achieve blockchain success and we couldn’t be happier.

“I’ve been waiting for a platform like GamerToken to exist since 2013. Cryptoassets and video games are a natural fit. Players can now be rewarded for playing the titles they love, and thanks to blockchain technology, they can redeem those rewards to trade and use unique digital items within the GamerToken ecosystem.” — Kingsley Edwards

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Jordan Rambis

Jordan Rambis’ introduction to eSports wasn’t a conventional one. He applied his entertainment and operations background, and devised a plan which he brought to famous CEO, Peter Guber. This entrepreneurship landed Jordan with the job of VP of Business for aXiomatic Gaming. His knack for innovation and forward thinking has made him a key investor and advisor for huge game industry companies like EA, FanAI, Hypixel, Wavedash, Super League Gaming, and Catalyst. He embodies the grounded, fresh-thinking values that GamerToken strive for.

“Having developers create exclusive, limited edition skins for pro gamers which can having their ownership history tracked and verified is the digital equivalent of a basketball player signing his jersey with a non-forgeable letter of authenticity and tossing it into the crowd.” — Jordan Rambis

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Spencer Yang

Spencer Yang serves as the VP of International at Cobo, a cryptocurrency wallet company. He headed up Asia for UnikoinGold in a successful token sale after his previous enterprise software company, with top customers in the financial services, government and e-commerce industries, was acquired. He is also a partner of CoinUsage, an advisory firm that works with leading cryptocurrency companies for global expansion of blockchain utility.

“At the core of it, Gamertoken will be the layer that powers the economy within powerful, immersive games that the market desires. Gamers, developers and publishers will be really excited about what’s possible in Asia and the world.” — Spencer Yang

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