CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and Thought-Leaders — Meet the GamerToken Advisors (Part 2)

“There was an idea to bring together a group of remarkable people” — Meet the second part of our advisory team.

The GamerToken team is now over 25 full time team members with an advisory team comprised of game industry veterans spanning the US, Europe, and Asia. We won’t say they’re the Avengers of cryptocurrency and gaming, but we’re happy to put the idea out there. You can check-out the first installment in our series. For Infinity War Part 2, read on:

Andrey “reynad” Yanyuk

We’re delighted to welcome another incredible player to our team. Andrey carved out a name for himself as one of the most influential competitors in esports. While smashing gaming tournaments and building huge streaming audiences, he founded and funded the esports media company Tempo Storm. The company has since seen massive success across 10 titles, established the highest trafficked website of any esports team, and accumulated one of the largest streaming networks on Twitch. And to add to all of that, Andrey has been featured in Rolling Stone Magazine and was inducted into the Forbes ’30 Under 30’ Class of 2017. In a particularly interesting development, Tempo Storm have recently announced their own CCG game — The Bazaar. They’ve already expressed excitement about tokenizing their cosmetic items, “Tempo Storm is currently exploring integrating NFTs into The Bazaar as well as ways to better engage with our audience.”

“Crypto will fundamentally change the gaming industry, and in some ways it’s already beginning to. GamerToken is poised to be a part of this revolution. Non-fungible items have always been a key element of game economies, and are a natural fit for incorporating blockchain technology.” — Andrey Yanyuk

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David Garpenståhl

David Garpenståhl is a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience — founding and leading multiple companies across the gaming, event, and music industries. He’s an international pioneer in the gaming and esports industry. His record includes companies like DreamHack (the world’s largest digital festival), ESN Social Software (the creator of Battlelog, acquired by EA), and Inferno Online (Europe largest gaming center). Over the past few years, David has also been involved with advising global projects like Campus Party, SITEX (the consumer show in Singapore), and Space Soldiers (the esports team). We’re overjoyed to have him onboard.

“The internet by itself started a revolution for online gaming and esports. Blockchain will now be a vital part of enabling the creation of the next generation of gaming platforms and services. GamerToken is an ambitious initiative striving towards building innovative and powerful solutions valuable to gamers and developers alike.” — David Garpenståhl

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Ed Chang

Ed Chang’s experience in the esports space extends far beyond his roles for big-name game publishers. Ed recently worked as an entrepreneur-in-residence focused on esports and gaming at The Chernin Group, a privately held media company. His other roles include founding and selling an esports agency and running business development for Streamlabs (formerly Vulcun) — the top payments platform for content creators, backed by Sequoia Capital. His guidance will no-doubt prove essential in the months and years ahead.

“Publishers todays are looking to expand beyond traditional game sales into growth areas like microtransactions, live services, esports and merchandising. Gamertoken has the opportunity to live at the intersection of all that and introduce the next generation of collectibles.” — Ed Chang

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Make sure to check out our introductory video showcasing how buying and transferring items on the marketplace works with the ecosystem’s first crypto-integrated game, Fiesta Online:

Now you’ve met the rest of our advisory team, find out more about the vision they’re helping us achieve. Visit, where you can discover more about our project, read our whitepaper, and test our Marketplace Demo and Fiesta RPG Blockchain Beta. Don’t forget to follow our social media channels to make sure you never miss a beat.






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