GamerToken: Bringing Traditional Game Developers into Blockchain

Developing gaming’s next level

You may have read about our benefits for gamers, now it’s time to dive into the features that we offer for those creating games and how developers can benefit from GamerToken’s blockchain technology.

Tokenized Items

Tokenization is at the heart of the GamerToken project. By associating items with non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, we create new dimensions of value for in-game items. The verifiable digital scarcity of tokenized in-game items, paired with their provable ownership and trackable history, makes these items truly one-of-a-kind.

Scarcity brings high value when it comes with a specific context, and that’s where esports teams and influencers enter the equation: they can issue custom items with their brand as valuable memorabilia for their fans. Those unique items can also be transferred into games, traded, or rented on the Marketplace.

Additional Revenue

Monetization is key for any free-to-play game, and there are 3 traditional ways to gain revenue: in-game purchases, ads, and data. Thanks to GamerToken’s unique content purchase mechanisms, these possibilities are now extended.

Within the GamerToken system, developers are able to sell unique tokenized content directly to players. But once the content is owned by gamers, that’s when things get interesting. The developers who create tokenized items continue to generate revenue from secondary transactions. That is to say, whenever a tokenized item is sold for GTX, a percentage of that share is returned to the developer/s who created it. When you consider the CryptoKitty known as “Dragon” recently sold for 600 ETH ($170,000) and the CS:GO “Dragon Lore” sniper rifle skin sold for $60,000, you realise that there’s a lot of “scope” for things to get pretty exciting.

Developers and publishers can also use our staking mechanism to crowdfund design proposals for new items — reducing the creative burden while including fans and aspiring developers in the creative process.

New Tools

Our system adds valuable new tools to developers’ utility belts. Publishers and developers are always looking for new ways to motivate continued gameplay. Our currency, GTX, can be rewarded in-game and spent out of game, making it the ultimate incentive. Developers can use GTX rewards as well as tokenized items to direct players through content, guide them to milestones, and encourage them to get the most out of their gameplay. Essentially, giving them plenty of reasons to stick around.

We will empower developers with these new tools but grant them the autonomy to use them as they see fit. There is plenty of opportunity for them to get creative. For example, developers could set up desirable achievements that require large groups of players to attain — giving developers a valuable new mechanic that incentivizes community-building through groups, guilds and parties.

Ecosystem Continuity

♫’You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave!’♫ Unlike the Hotel California, gamers eventually move on to new titles. No matter the player-retention incentivization in place, most gamers will find new games sooner or later. Fortunately, most games no longer operate in a silo, they form part of a developers’ ecosystems of games. Given the right incentives, gamers within these ecosystems are more likely to switch to different games within that ecosystem rather than joining a new ecosystem entirely. This is especially true when they retain ecosystem benefits from their previous gameplay.

GamerToken grants immense motivation to remain within the ecosystem. Game developers can choose to use different levels of integration to motivate gamers to stay within their portfolio of games or partner-company games. They could, for example, agree to let players carry their items across multiple games — allowing players to have one NFT that represents different assets across different titles. Players won’t have to forgo all of their previous progress by starting a new game from scratch.

This gives developers access to a wider audience with loyalty to their community. It is one of many ways in which developers can tempt gamers into trying games that they’re associated with. Building both developer-to-developer bonds and developer-to-player bonds. These bonds can create extremely strong communities which translate into commercial success.

Universal API

It’s no secret that video games take a lot of time and effort to build — it’s only those outside the industry who are surprised to hear that game development often costs more than blockbuster movie development. We wanted GamerToken to be part of the solution, not the problem. That’s why we’ve made our API as simple to use as possible.

Just one simple integration allows the use of NFTs with verifiable digital scarcity; allows players to earn rewards (in GTX or NFTs); and provides player-driven content-creation opportunities.

Developers don’t need to be blockchain experts to use our universal API, we’ve designed it with ease-of-use in mind. Our helpful team is always around to help guide developers through the GamerToken integration process.

To read more about GamerToken’s functionality, check out this article. Alternatively, reach-out to us with your questions and requests, we’ll see what we can do! Follow our media channels below so that you don’t miss out on more updates.