The GTX Token Sale Registration Period is being Extended — Here’s Why.

We have an important update regarding our upcoming Token Sale.

Our GTX Token Sale, originally scheduled to open on September 27th will be delayed in order to give contributors an extended registration period, allowing them to better prepare for the sale.

The primary reason for this change stems from the feedback we’ve been receiving from our community and partners since the registration opened. As it stands, the proof-of-use requirements put in place by ConsenSys and Token Foundry have raised concerns for contributors looking to participate in the sale. We began to look into other projects on the Token Foundry platform and found they had changed their sale date for similar reasons in the past. Therefore we feel it is our duty to take this time to evaluate these requirements, as well as to further inform the GamerToken community about proof-of-use.

Proof-of-use is a new concept in the blockchain world. We felt it was right to support our community by addressing these concerns by allowing more time for out community to research the Token Foundry proof-of-use requirements. Doing so ensures that GTX purchasers are given the freedom to use their property as they wish. We strongly advise that our community visit the Token Foundry platform to learn more about their conditions.

We apologise for any inconvenience that this change may have caused you and hope that you appreciate our reasons for enacting it. If you have any concerns, please join us in our Telegram channel where our admins are always on hand to help with any questions you may have regarding this change, or anything related to GamerToken.

Your GamerToken Team.