Welcome to 2019, GamerToken fans,

We have successfully completed our testing phase for the Marketplace Demo and Fiesta Online Blockchain Beta!

Thanks to all of your invaluable feedback and time spent testing, we are now ready to take the data we’ve collected and focus the development on our live release product. In the coming days we will take our Fiesta Online Blockchain Beta offline, however the GamerToken Marketplace Demo will still be available for buying, selling and renting unique ERC-721 powered items.

During our testing period, over 32,000 of you tried the Marketplace Demo and almost 5000 tested the full Fiesta Online Demo.

This test was incredibly important in not only allowing us to refine the final product, but to show gamers and blockchain enthusiasts the possibilities of this technology when implemented in an already existing product.

Our community managers and team will always be on hand with any questions you may have regarding the project, so come join us in Telegram for the latest updates on GamerToken, gaming and the world of blockchain.

As always, thank you for your support and stay tuned! We have plenty more to come.

Your GamerToken team

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