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There are many misconceptions and stereotypes associated with the consumption of Marijuana, Cannabis, Weed, etc.

This publication is here to support parents with sick children who are fighting for the right to use Cannabis, Marijuana, Ganja, etc. to treat their kids. Additionally, even more of these people are suffering from aliments like PTSD, ADHD, depression, etc.

ask yourself, what truly makes you feel better? Natural medicine made for the body to treat the symptoms instead of covering them up? Or maybe playing a game with someone you can connect with?

This publication was created to provide high quality information for people to become people again, while machines, technology and BigPharma stay the tools they really are instead of the sickness, ignorance and greed they are becoming.

Submission Policies

Your article may not be published if you do not read these guidelines and policies for writers who wish to contribute to Games n Ganja.

Valid Topics

Your article must be focused on at least one of these topics related to games and marijuana, cannabis, ganja:

  • Educational approach to the subject being written about. Best practices for legal growth, consumption or use of marijuana.
  • Game development and your views on Marijuana use: Do you smoke? Do you have a problem with a developer who does? Do you playtest your game high or with smokers?
  • Academic and research opportunities to promote the study of marijuana and its constructive use in society.
  • Studies on how play and gaming aid in recovery of illness, mental stress, etc.
  • Historical accounting of Prohibition in this country and others.
  • Personal stories of how marijuana can or could change your life for the better.
  • Financial analysis on the effect of marijuana in business, community growth, criminology and real estate.
  • The truth about the economics in gaming
  • Anything Cannatainment related especially when it comes to gaming

Article Layout

Your article must have the following:

  • Header image must be placed at top of article either before or after title
  • Your articles must have at least 3 of the 5 possible tags. It’s best to use all five tags.
  • At least one tag must include the topic of your article.

Article Content

  • Articles must be in full — no summaries that link to full external articles
  • No blatant self promotion. However, please discuss how your company’s product, service or links to resources as they can add value to the reader.
  • Personalities are very welcome to submit content, just make sure its geek, nerd, blerd, cosplay or gaming focused.

Editors’ Rights

  • We reserve the right to add a byline or blurb about our publication and its sponsors at the bottom of your article.
  • In the case where an article is submitted without a featured image, we reserve the right to add a featured image with graphic design as we see fit.
  • We reserve the right to add our logo to featured images in articles.

How to Submit Articles to Games n Ganja

To submit your story to GnG, go to your draft, click the 3 dot menu (…) choose “Add to Publication”, then choose Games n Ganja.

While we prefer drafts that are not yet published because it allows us to publish at times we know will give your work more exposure. We do accept already published articles as its more about the quality of content and educating those who need to know.

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