Facebook Group And Our New Account are Blocked

Funny story it is.

On Friday we’ve created our first social profiles. Not literally first of course, but for this very project. It was important for us to have new accounts, untraceable and fresh. I will tell why it’s so important in the later posts, but for now let’s get to the point.

First our Facebook account was created, it worked fine, we even made few posts with it. Then a new Page was created and IFTTT integration was added. Everything worked fine until then.

Then we’ve tried to create an Instagram account, but Instagram desktop registration process was buggy on Friday. When we tried to login via Facebook it threw an error and did not finish the registration. It also would not let the account to log in. Problem is that two good usernames were lost (we don’t have access to them) and two emails got screwed as well, TT.

We then made a third attempt via phone number, through a mobile device and it worked. But Instagram username is not @gamesonchain or @onchaingames — it’s @onchainy.

During our attempts to connect Facebook and Instagram accounts, Facebook blocked our account and asked for photo. Photo was sent, but to no avail. Alas.

What does it mean? Well, two things :

  • Our initial Facebook page is unavailable, we’ll need to create a new one
  • It will take time to prepare a FB account that won’t look suspicious to Facebook

But that’s not so important. Important thing is what we did yesterday and that’ll be a topic of our the next post.

Stay tuned, dear followers, storm is coming!