Games on Chain Logo Development Process

Dear followers, as promised in the last post, this time we deliver something important and hopefully interesting — Games on Chain logo development process.

Whole yesterday was dedicated to this “cornerstone” aspect of every successful startup.

As you might remember from one of our previous posts, it all started as notebook drafts. Main logo ideas were:

  • should be simple
  • should be letter-based
  • the sign itself should be easily memorisable
  • should have a chain resemblance
  • should look cool and drive positive dynamics

Digital process started from tracing the original sketch in Adobe Illustrator:

Sketch tracing

The symbol itself stood pretty nicely, but it was tall and not very balanced. When text was added to the logo, it didn’t feel stable enough, so additional variants were explored. None of them felt completely right, but the idea of doing an encircled logo variant was marked as a worthy one.

Additional logo variants

We needed logo to be stable and to show growth. In western tradition growth is a vector of movement that goes from left to right and from bottom to top. Current symbol exit (C and G letter openings on the right) showed only left-to-right flow direction — there was no bottom-to-top one. So we decided to rotate the symbol 45° counter-clockwise

The decision was right, but we’ve discovered that in such position symbol tends to fall on it’s back. From this point on we knew that we are moving towards the right direction and it was clear to us what to do next. We decided to make the “chain” more squarish, so that it would have it’s equilibrium when tilted.

Now, when symbol was complete, we needed to choose a font for the lettering. We’ve tested over 15 various fonts and it all went down to the competition among Google’s Roboto and Adobe’s Source Sans Pro.

Usually we go with Roboto, but Source Sans Pro was Adobe’s first professional open source font, so we decided to honour that. Only thing is that Source Sans Pro has very thin shoulder-neck connections that doesn’t look the way we wanted. So we decided to adjust their thinness manually.

“Games” and “Chain” words are capitalised, but we use glyphs for those capital letters to make them look sentence-case.

And voila — our final variant! Note that colours of the logo might get changed according to the needs, it looks good with any colours. Also notice the details in “m” and “h” lining to get that positive dynamics going.

Games on Chain final logotype

We really hope you like our new fantastic logo!
If you have any comments or color suggestions — you’re welcome to leave them in the comment section below!

Stay tuned for more updates!