Stepn clone app development | Launch Move to Earn Fitness App Like Stepn

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1 min readJul 28, 2022


STEPN Clone App is a pre-built source code solution that lets entrepreneurs build their Web3 lifestyle app similar to STEPN app.

Feature In STEPN Clone

Dual-Token Architecture

Multiple Gaming Modes

Wearable Integration

Social Sharing

Decentralized Wallet

Other Specified Features

GameFi Elements

Game Modes


Gems and Sockets

Shoe Minting


STEPN (GMT) is a move-to-earn game app with a sizable fan base and has top 50 digital currencies. These gaming solutions based on geolocation-enabled walking, sprinting, or riding are also on the way. It is quite evident that investors move on to the move-to-earn space, with STEPN recently raising decent-to-good funding.

Gamesdapp is the best in STEPN Clone App Development from among competitors you can launch a web3 lifestyle app like STEPN at an affordable cost. This App helps you to make physical activities at the same time you can earn more rewards.

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