Gaming is a crunchy topic everywhere moreover every one should play the game in their life and age is not a matter. Here, earn money with games which adds crispness to the games. In an online game, bitting is the main theme when you play the game there is a 100% possibility of winning the money and also 100% possibility to lose the money. Ludo is an online game which is quite popular in India, Europe, the USA and also in various countries.

This game is coming from the pachisi traditional game in India. The goal of the game is to get every one of your pawns inside the home space, which is situated in the centre of the board. There are two types of people here, playing ludo games in one type and second types are ready to build the ludo game. Besides, they prefer the ludo game development company to build their game with their requirements.

Types of ludo game

Nowadays types of ludo games in playing which are

Multi player


local mode


Rules to play ludo game

1. Ludo is played on a cross-shaped board. Each arm has 15 spaces in three rows. The centre row of each arm is the home segment of the colour BEAD indicated and prompts to the home area in the middle. Around the edge of the board are 4 beginning areas.

2. Ludo requires one to die.

3. Every player chooses four BEADs the colour of their choice.

4. BEADs are placed in the beginning area nearest to the player.

5. Players choose who starts the game by rolling a die.

6. Play happens in a clockwise direction.


1. A player should roll a 6 to move a BEAD from their starting area onto the circuit. If a player has no BEADs in play and does not roll a 6, they relinquish their turn.

2. In turn, every player rolls the die and moves any BEAD on the track, the number of spaces showed. Players must use the full number of moves on a single BEAD.

3. At the point when a player rolls a 6, they can decide to either start a new BEAD or move a BEAD now in play.

4. When a player rolls a 6 they can roll again for next move. A player can only utilize two continuous rolls of 6.

5. A player can’t land on a square that is already involved by one of their BEADs.

6. In the event If a player lands on a square that is occupied by their opponent’s BEAD, the opponent’s BEAD is set back in their starting square, requiring a move of 6 to move the BEAD back into play.

7. Players keep moving their BEADs around the board until they have finished the circuit and can move their BEADs up their home column to the home area in the focal of the board.

8. Players require an exact roll to land on the home zone.


To win a player must be the first to move all their BEADs around the board, up their home section and into the home area.


1. Ludo is a board game for 2 to 4 players, in that the players race their four tokens from beginning to finish according to dice rolls.

2. Like different cross and circle games, Ludo is gotten from the Indian game Pachisi, but Ludo is more simple.

3. The earliest proof of this game in India is the depiction of boards on the caves of Ajanta. This game was played by the Mughal rules of India — a notable example is Akbar.

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