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GamesPad Is Happy to Announce an IDO Deal With ALTAVA Group

GamesPad is thrilled to announce a new IDO deal with ALTAVA Group, a new global project that connects luxury fashion to a Metaverse marketplace.

GamesPad continues to gain momentum and is proud about setting so many exciting IDO deals with the most promising projects in the industry. Today we want to announce a truly unique collaboration, and we have great aspirations about it.

Meet ALTAVA Group, a privately held venture-funded company developed and headquartered in Asian countries with business operations in the US and Europe. This project is designed to bring top brands into the metaverse providing a lot of opportunities:

  • Digitization of real fashion into 3D
  • Virtual spaces for immersive brand storytelling
  • Creating hyper-real celebrities, models and avatars
  • Track real-time user analytics in a customizable app
Source: ALTAVA Group

About ALTAVA Group

ALTAVA Group, a project that unites the worlds of fashion, gaming, commerce, music, and entertainment into the metaverse through the virtual platforms, was founded by Korean video game developer Andy Koo who is developing a business in Singapore. The idea was about democratizing luxury fashion and retail in the Metaverse. Here you will find a customized virtual experience built for luxury brands, a digital marketplace Altava Market where you can buy a range of unique NFTs, and a new app that connects to the market and serves as a social commerce gaming platform called Altava Worlds of You.

Source: ALTAVA Group

Unique Features of ALTAVA Group

ALTAVA Group is the real world and the virtual one, technologies and fashion all together. In addition to the fact that the team behind ALTAVA Group chose a hot and booming niche, the project’s unique features do not end there.

  • Access to the Elusive World of Fashion. As seasoned experts in fashion and tech, the talented team behind the project aims to democratize fashion through technological capabilities and a fashion network.
  • The Importance of Style. The unique vision: fashion is not frivolous; the team behind the project revels in the transformative potential of clothes.
  • Inclusive & Interoperable Technologies. The team understands that the ‘real’ and ‘virtual’ aren’t mutually exclusive, so they managed to create a unique product where identity and garments are fluid.
  • The ALTAVA platform for luxury fashion. A gamified social commerce platform to enable multiple expressions of self in the Metaverse so that everyone can discover, curate, and play with Worlds of You.
  • NFT marketplace. ALTAVA introduces a fashion-focused marketplace for NFT collectibles.

It’s also important to mention that ALTAVA Group partners with tier-1 brands like Prada, Vogue, Fendi, Diesel, and others.

Source: ALTAVA Group

Why Consider ALTAVA Group for Investing?

According to Morgan Stanley, by 2030, demand for NFT luxury brands could skyrocket due to the creation of the Metaverse, and their total value could reach $56 billion. What is more, as NFT continues to open doors to new forms of consumption and production, more and more premium brands are starting to invest in an entirely new digital collectibles business…

ALTAVA Group is a sort of intersection of technology and fashion which makes the project truly unique. In addition, it is worth noting that it has been recently selected as one of 23 Startups to participate in La Maison des Startups LVMH, the accelerator program for innovation in luxury. ALTAVA Group connects luxury fashion to a Metaverse marketplace involving, avatars, apps, NFTs, which makes this startup incredibly attractive in the eyes of potential investors.

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About GamesPad

GamesPad is the world’s first holistic gaming, NFT, and metaverse ecosystem, backed by the industry experts at BullPerks, a decentralized VC and multichain launchpad that achieved 9500% of ATH ROI after only 6 months. It is a one-stop-shop for everything GameFi, metaverse, and NFT, bringing together a gaming incubator, game-specific multichain launchpad, decentralized venture capital, NFT aggregator and marketplace, in-house game studio, and much more. The team’s core mission is to support and incubate game entrepreneurs through its comprehensive ecosystem, offering them mentorship, advisory, and network connections in the gaming and crypto space.

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