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GamesPad Is Happy to Announce The IDO Deal with Endless Battlefield

GamesPad is excited to announce an upcoming IDO deal with Endless Battlefield, a military strategy, and exploration sandbox metaverse.

The use of blockchain technology has skyrocketed lately, and one of the reasons for this is the need for a new system that can solve the problems already existing in the classic paper money system with something wholly new and revolutionary.

But as we have already seen, blockchain is not only about money. It affects many other areas of activity, and games are precisely one of the most important spheres. Why? Because the gaming industry has long disrupted what many consider “normal” or “trivial.”

Unusual and truly exciting things can happen when blockchain is used for games, and you have already seen this. GamesPad is pleased to announce an IDO deal with Endless Battlefield and is thrilled to invite players and investors to join our community and enjoy a new genre of crypto-gaming.

Source: Endless Battlefield

About Endless Battlefield

Endless Battlefield is the first vast military strategy and exploration game built on UE (Unreal Engine). You can play Endless Battlefield in FPS mode for serious, hardcore gamers. Casual players can also find various activities to start their adventures like hunting, fishing, building, and more. Everyone can be rewarded by collecting materials, building sites, winning battles, and other activities.

In addition to intense and competitive game modes, Endless Battlefield also creates a stress-free and incredibly immersive environment for players. Endless Battlefield’s vast and immersive world lets you escape reality by harvesting, mining, logging, fishing, hunting, and crafting. And if you are already familiar with the metaverse world through other games, you will definitely be impressed by the great rewards and the breath-taking atmosphere of this military strategy.

Source: Endless Battlefield

Unique Features of Endless Battlefield

The project stands out from other games due to its unique functionality and a lot of exciting features.

Massive Sandbox surroundings

You will be able to freely explore the world and act as a virtual citizen of this unique planet. In addition, various entertaining and exciting war games can be played among a large number of players, making Endless Battlefield even more fun.

Fictional Universe

As you play, you can build a world based on competition for resources, humanity, and the persistence of conflict. This is a truly immersive experience; you will be able to form alliances and fight for various resources.

Life Skills

You can be anyone, and you can do anything. Activities include harvesting, timber, fishing, mining, hunting, and more. Explore different methods of gathering resources and just have fun.

Planet Metaverse

Collaborate with various alliances, build houses, military bases, and watchtowers to live, play and fight in this fascinating metaverse.

GameFi NFT

Rewards will be distributed to players through NFT and token distribution. You can also exchange weapons, vehicles, and loot for NFTs, which significantly increases the turnover of in-game assets.

Dual-Token Economy — EB & EBC Tokens

Endless Battlefield offers two tokens, EB and EBC, which serve as an incentive for users to play. EB is a governance token with a maximum supply of 1 billion. An initial shipment of EB 400,000 was sent out to the project’s early supporters. EBC is an unlimited supply utility token. In combat mode, the EBC serves as a ticket to start your exciting journey and the battle.

Source: Endless Battlefield

Why Consider Endless Battlefield for Investing?

The world of Endless Battlefield will allow players to escape reality through harvesting, mining, logging, fishing, hunting, and crafting and make money. Moreover, as the wonderful GameFi Metaverse, each player will have a lot of real opportunities to earn tokens and get rewards by playing and trading materials.

The Endless Battlefield team is striving to make the game as accessible as possible for all players not only to enjoy but also earn money. Endless Battlefield definitely looks like a project that might pique the interest of potential investors and gamers.

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About GamesPad

GamesPad is the ultimate gaming, NFT, and metaverse ecosystem that brings together a decentralized VC, multichain launchpad, game incubator, NFT aggregator, and marketplace. We help the most impactful crypto gaming projects raise funds, build communities, and provide the opportunity for retail buyers to invest in the deals on equal terms with VCs. Our team gathers industry professionals with over 20 years of combined crypto and blockchain experience. It’s a mix of talented individuals at the top of their fields who are here to create an exciting and successful journey from startup ideation to execution.

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