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GamesPad Is Launching an IDO Deal with Outer Ring

GamesPad is thrilled to announce an IDO deal with Outer Ring, a SCIFI MMORPG, with extensive lore & economic system based on the real economy.

The future of the video game market now seems limitless, and for obvious reasons. Many GameFi projects were able to earn millions in the last year alone, and the market has increased by more than 170%. With all these significant changes in the industry today, we want to highlight Outer Ring. The project’s creators want to offer their users something to connect a permanent virtual world with the real economy, providing a direct connection between them. And we are happy to announce the upcoming IDO deal with such an ambitious project. We are confident that this cooperation will be successful and fruitful and bring many benefits to our communities.

Source: Outer Ring

About Outer Ring

Outer Ring is a sci-fi, massively multiplayer online role-playing game with a token-based economy. Players can choose from five races and three factions to control the galaxy and its resources in the truest sense of the word. Nothing is impossible when playing Outer Ring.

Outer Ring uses the now trendy play-to-earn concept, merging the real economy with the immersive universe. The choice made in favor of Play-to-Earn is the right one, talented developers and a team of experienced professionals who worked on the project are sure of it.

In addition, some elements of the game, including concerts, various events, as well as mini-games, will take place in virtual reality. It will be possible to get access there both with VR headsets and without them. These aspects improve the gaming experience and enliven the environment of the unique Outer Ring project.

Source: Outer Ring

Unique Features of Outer Ring

Outer Ring is a unique game. It can be called a “player-controlled MMO.” The fact is that the community is a significant part of development, which distinguishes Outer Ring from other similar GameFi projects.

The thing is that users can collaborate on public forums, speak different languages ​​and directly influence the game’s development.

In addition, within the game itself, systems such as the economy, city creation, and laws will be directly linked to how players interact with the various worlds and techniques that make up the game, thus creating a living ecosystem.

In addition, it is worth noting that players interested in testing the Outer Ring can themselves become investors in the project. To do this, you need to go to the Backers Zone on the site and register. Windex Technologies, the company that created Manic Panda Games as a video game division, has invested 1.5 million euros in Outer Ring. Together with Nexxyo Labs, the team is looking for partners to fund the future development of this amazing sci-fi game.

Source: Outer Ring

Why Consider Outer Ring for Investing?

The Outer Ring team is committed to redefining blockchain gaming by emphasizing a player-driven economy, experience, and all the aspects of the Metaverse. This exciting game promises to evolve constantly, providing players with a unique experience full of surprises and innovations. In this way, investors can benefit significantly from various funding instruments offered by highly skilled developers who still have many unique ideas in store. Outer Ring will definitely be of interest to any potential investor. Investing in such an ambitious project is a unique opportunity in an extremely promising sector.

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About GamesPad

GamesPad is the world’s first holistic gaming, NFT, and metaverse ecosystem, backed by the industry experts at BullPerks, a decentralized VC and multichain launchpad that achieved 9500% of ATH ROI after only 6 months. It is a one-stop-shop for everything GameFi, metaverse, and NFT, bringing together a gaming incubator, game-specific multichain launchpad, decentralized venture capital, NFT aggregator and marketplace, in-house game studio, and much more. The team’s core mission is to support and incubate game entrepreneurs through its comprehensive ecosystem, offering them mentorship, advisory, and network connections in the gaming and crypto space.

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