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GamesPad Is Supporting The Skull Pass Giveaway Organized by Taunt Battleworld

GamesPad is excited to announce that we’re supporting the Genesis Skull Pass event organized by Taunt Battleworld. It’s the event during which the project will give away Genesis Skull Pass NFTs. 25 lucky winners who applied to participate in this event via this Gleam link will receive a Skull Pass:

Complete simple tasks following Taunt Battleworld and GamesPad on social media, refer friends, and get the chance to receive the prize!

The Genesis Skull Pass will give you rights to a Taunt Battleworld Genesis Acolyte Warrior and many other perks. Only 2,500 Genesis Skull Passes will ever exist and they will generate the most long-term value of any Skull Pass ever created.

The Genesis Skull Pass will include:

All Genesis Skull Pass Holders will be eligible for an all-inclusive trip to Las Vegas to tour the Blood Money: Preseason production set.

A stealth snapshot of all Genesis Skull Pass holders will be taken at an unannounced date to airdrop $TAUNT tokens.

Quantity: 2,500 Genesis Skull Pass

Mint Cost: 0.1 ETH

Date: March 5th 2022

Location: Only place you can mint is directly on

Max Mint: Each wallet will be limited to a maximum mint of 1 Genesis Skull Pass

Don’t miss your chance for exclusive NFT ownership!



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