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GamesPad NFTs To Be Listed on Liquidifty

We are excited to announce that GamesPad NFTs will be available for purchase on the next-generation NFT marketplace Liquidifty on February 9.

The value of GamesPad NFTs

In regards to GamesPad, NFTs are taken from parts of the best-applied uses in the industry and brought together to create an exclusive and important digital asset that opens the doors to so much potential. For GamesPad NFTs, that potential begins with a 5-tier investing platform. Each tier represents a level of investment for participants and each level creates unique opportunities.

Meet GamesPad NFTs

Below are the NFTs and their associated price and token amount:





Crypto Ninja

About Liquidifty

Liquidifty is a next-gen NFT marketplace designed to increase the liquidity of the NFT space by providing users with a variety of products. Cross-chain oracles, using NFTs as collateral for loans, NFT vaults, and cross-chain token trading are few that users can look forward to. Liquidifty also has a multi-ownership feature. In this regard, users can expect the maximum benefit by trading on Liquidifty.

About GamesPad

GamesPad is the world’s first holistic gaming, NFT, and metaverse ecosystem, backed by the industry experts at BullPerks, a decentralized VC and multichain launchpad that achieved 9500% of ATH ROI after only 6 months. It is a one-stop-shop for everything GameFi, metaverse, and NFT, bringing together a gaming incubator, game-specific multichain launchpad, decentralized venture capital, NFT aggregator and marketplace, in-house game studio, and much more. The team’s core mission is to support and incubate game entrepreneurs through its comprehensive ecosystem, offering them mentorship, advisory, and network connections in the gaming and crypto space.



GamesPad is the ultimate gaming, NFT, and metaverse ecosystem that brings together a decentralized VC, game-specific launchpad, game incubator, NFT aggregator and marketplace, yield aggregator, partnerships with big gaming studios, and much more.

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