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Meet GamesPad Advisor: Evan Kubes

We are happy to inform you that Evan Kubes has joined GamesPad as a strategic advisor!

The GamesPad team is committed to building a unique 360-degree gaming, NFT, and metaverse ecosystem. To ensure the best outcome, we invite the most prominent industry experts to contribute to our project. We are proud to announce that Evan Kubes, President of a global talent agency and media company Rumble Gaming, joins GamesPad as a strategic advisor.

Evan and his team will support GamesPad and projects that we launch or invest in as an in-house talent agency bringing specific connections and relationships with celebrities, influencers, gaming studios, e-sports teams, and more. We believe that with Evan’s assistance, GamesPad will grow into a large community of blockchain gaming enthusiasts and long-thinking investors worldwide.

About Evan Kubes

Evan Kubes is the President of Rumble Gaming, a global talent agency and media company that bridges the gap between brands and the gaming and esports ecosystem through partnership opportunities, influencer marketing, content creation, and distribution. He is a Co-Founder of MKM Esports, one of the world’s most influential law firms and management agencies dedicated exclusively to esports and content creators. Evan is also a Co-Founder of The Quantum Insider, a leading resource dedicated to making Quantum Technology accessible through news, information, media, and data.

He assists many companies in implementing marketing strategies and consolidating their positions. Evan also works as a consultant and partner of famous organizations such as Bitspawn, Amuka Esports, Aggero, Opera Event, etc.

Evan started his esports career as a regular fan. When he became a lawyer, he decided to apply his knowledge and experience to competitive games. Evan soon concluded that his skills were very applicable to the whole industry. He found out that players, teams, and organizations constantly face many different legal challenges and uncertainties. Evan realized that he had to step in and start assisting as a professional advisor.

About GamesPad

GamesPad is the ultimate gaming, NFT, and metaverse ecosystem that brings together a decentralized VC, multichain launchpad, game incubator, NFT aggregator, and marketplace. We help the most impactful crypto gaming projects raise funds, build communities, and provide the opportunity for retail buyers to invest in the deals on equal terms with VCs. Our team gathers industry professionals with over 20 years of combined crypto and blockchain experience. It’s a mix of talented individuals at the top of their fields who are here to create an exciting and successful journey from startup ideation to execution.

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