Access Free for Unreal MegaJam 2018!

We are proud to announce our participation in this years Epic MegaJam for Unreal Engine 4!

Ancient Bronze, Rusty flower Tin Wall, Dry Cracked Mud

There are a ton of great freebies to get you started already but for our part we are offering a coupon code that will give you free access for your first month with account that will let you download up to 30 materials!

Go to GameTextures and select the Monthly 2018 plan, use coupon code “megajam2018" and you are ready for smooth sailing for this years MegaJam!

Rough Twisted Bark, Throne Room Carpet and Marble Octagon with Diamonds will also be offering rewards for this MegaJam. 
 10 free 1 month subscriptions to be given to raffle winners
 1 free 6 month subscription to all of the finalist

Hotel Carpet with Interlaced Geo design, Scifabric Parrallel Folds, Western Barbed Wire

We can’t wait to see some of the great things everyone makes!