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TNC Group Announces $3.85 Million Investment Plan for NS Studio

Global blockchain company TNC Group has announced its $3.85 million investment plan for game development firm NS Studio. The said investment amount will be allocated for NS Studio’s Gametree project.

TNC’s upcoming investment on NS Studio will enable the transition of Black Squad, an online first-person shooter game (FPS), into a play-and-earn (P&E) model. This is where Gametree comes into play.

As described in its whitepaper, Gametree aims to provide a “meta-NFT platform” to empower blockchain games with a feasible economic framework. Once Black Squad becomes a P&E game, players can anticipate multiple avenues to make profits. This is on top of Gametree providing a “user-friendly platform” for gamers alongside incorporating the game into the blockchain, which will ultimately lead to the fulfillment of a Web3-based gaming ecosystem.

Aside from adopting a P&E model, Black Squad will also utilize Unreal Engine 4, one of the most advanced 3D computer graphics game engines today.

TNC said:

TNC Group is known for supporting promising companies in maximizing their potential to become a force for good in the blockchain space. Our investment in NS Studio bears testament to our goal of uniting the blockchain world through creative and relevant solutions to the greatest challenges of our time. We can’t wait to see how NS Studio will revolutionize the gaming sector with its Gametree project.

For its part, NS Studio remarked:

This metaverse project will be a great opportunity to showcase our capabilities to the fullest. We are currently planning to build communities and introduce various economic activities, not to mention connect with other upcoming games as well.

Black Squad’s current version is available on the premier online game distribution platform Steam. In fact, the game is one of the top 40 games on the gaming platform. So far, it

News Announcement: TNC Group Announces $3.85 Million Investment Plan for NS Studio (

About Gametree

Gametree is the developer of the Black Squad Classic NFT Optimus system and the virtual combat training system that jointly developed with the Korea Military Academy



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