Online Tournaments : Lets Gamers win Cash for Real

Have you ever thought of Earning Big Cash by showing your Gaming Skills and competing against your friends or other gamers out there ? That’s what is on nowadays.

13516528_988470391261173_5375619144936258795_n by GameXS has given E-Sports a new face, by conducting online tournament Daily/weekly for the gamers. The ranges of games are not focused just to Fifa nowadays, there’s a lot more in the package, Dota, CS: Go, COD black ops 2, Clash of Clan and lot more.

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There are no restrictions on platforms too, Tournaments are organized for each platform separately, whether it’s PlayStation or Xbox or even PC or your Android/ios. Each tournament has different slots, different entry fee, and a specified Cash reward to be won.

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Some Tournament has FREE entry and lesser matches, which are must grab by any gamer as there is nothing to lose and lot to learn and EARN . The Winning amount usually gets credited in Winner’s account which can be redeemed by the gamer. One of the greatest and most attractive thing about Online tournament is their fixtures styles, which give the gamer a holistic approach to the tournament, even if you are out of the game, you can find out other match details of your friend or foe.

Lots of Gamers have reacted positively to this, each day the slots get filled up quickly and a lot more is added by PlayX. Most of the gamers even request to conduct tournament according to their standard rules in spite of universally accepted rules, even such type of tournament has conducted by PlayX without any issues or second thoughts on Requests.

So what are you waiting for ? if you have got some gaming skills, it’s time buckle up and make Cash out of it, register yourself by clicking here or you can also download the App from Google Play Store

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