New Book: Even Ninja Monkeys Like to Play Unicorn Edition (Special Price)

Andrzej Marczewski
Oct 5, 2018 · 3 min read

So, after much time wasted for various reasons my new Gamification book, Even Ninja Monkeys Like to Play: Unicorn Edition is finally available on Amazon as a paperback. The eBook will be available on Monday!

This is a much bigger book, with around 100 extra pages since the last version. Also, the majority of chapters have had some sort of update. There are some that have remained untouched, but not many!

For 1 week it will be available for the price of £12.99 (or equivalent local price), but will rise to around £15.99 after that — so if you want a copy, now is the time to grab it. The eBook will be £9.99 or £2.99 if you buy the paperback version. Below is the main index, so you can see what has changed. Here is a free chapter to check out as well — “How to Use Narrative to Create
Deeper Experiencesr

Get the book here if you are in the UK

This is the hugely updated second edition of Even Ninja Monkeys Like To Play. A guide to using gamification and game thinking to create engaging experiences for people. This book takes you on a journey through the theories on which gamification is built, onto practical advice for building gamified solutions.

“A book that dances in the space where psychology and game design meet, offering practical guidance to gamification — all tied together with Andrzej’s best-in-class categorisation of what works most appropriately for whom.”

— Dr Richard Bartle, Professor of Game Design at the University of Essex, Author of “Designing Virtual Worlds”

Andrzej Marczewski’s book “Even Ninja Monkeys Like To Play” gives extraordinary and important knowledge upon the topic of gamification and game thinking strategies. It is a must read for anyone having a beginning interest or even for veterans of the topic. It provides more than a base of information for anyone to pick it up and understand the topic more deeply.

Dr. Anthony Bean, Ph.D., Video Game Expert and Researcher


Originally published at Gamified UK — #Gamification Expert.


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